Latest Group Discussion Topics (GD Topics) with Answers :

Note: Do not forget to check the Top 30 GD Topics of 2023.

  1. Sustainable Development Goals
  2. The Second Space Age
  3. Food wastage
  4. De-dollarization
  5. The Future of Banking in India
  6. Economic survey 2022-23
  7. Go First crisis
  8. Rise of Protectionism
  9. IMF World Economic Outlook 2023
  10. Effects of income inequality and poverty on society
  11. Collapse of Credit Suisse
  12. India’s new Foreign Trade Policy 2023
  13. Rising heat waves
  14. Celebrity Endorsement of Products
  15. ChatGPT 4 vs Google Bard
  16. Biohacking
  17. G7
  18. The gender unemployment gap in India
  19. China-Taiwan crisis
  20. Reusable Launch Vehicle
  21. Thorium for clean unlimited enegry
  22. GST (Goods and Services Tax)
  23. EV Adaption in India
  24. India-Japan Relations
  25. Buy Now Pay Later
  26. Use of AR/VR in defence sector
  27. Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse
  28. The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence & Automation
  29. El Niño
  30. How will 2022 shape 2023?
  31. Budget 2023-24
  32. The changing landscape of education
  33. Pakistan’s Economic Crisis
  34. Use of technology in agriculture
  35. Necklace of Diamonds strategy
  36. Growth of service sector in India
  37. The rise of Generative AI
  38. The Significance of newly found Lithium Deposits in India
  39. Deepfakes – Pros & Challenges
  40. Poverty in India
  41. Blue Economy
  42. Voice of the Global South summit
  43. BharOS
  44. Caller Name Presentation (CNAP)
  45. India’s G20 presidency 2023
  46. India-Bangladesh relations
  47. ChatGPT
  48. Cyber Warfare
  49. Inclusive Growth
  50. China plus one
  51. 4-day work week – Pros & Challenges
  52. Nuclear fusion energy
  53. Recession
  54. Sustainable Fashion
  55. COP 27
  56. The Future of Twitter
  57. India’s semiconductor industry
  58. Space tourism
  59. Future of fintech in India
  60. Lifestyle for Environment – LiFE
  61. India’s Tourism Industry Post-Covid
  62. China’s economic slowdown
  63. Fair Digital Finance
  64. India as the world’s 5th largest economy
  65. Effect of Climate Change on Indian Economy
  66. Moonlighting
  67. INS Vikrant
  68. US – China relations
  69. Neo-banks vs Traditional banks
  70. 5G in India
  71. Creator economy
  72. India’s income inequality
  73. India as a developed country by 2047
  74. China’s economic slowdown – Impact on India
  75. India @ 75
  76. India – Maldives relations
  77. Binge-watching
  78. I2U2
  79. Challenges for the FinTech industry
  80. James Webb Telescope
  81. Gender gap
  82. India’s Defence exports
  83. India – UK relations
  84. Inflation
  85. Cobots
  86. Inclusive workplace
  87. Deep Tech startups
  88. Green economy
  89. India – Sri Lanka relations
  90. Who is to blame for drug usage among youngsters?
  91. Time poverty
  92. Technology addiction
  93. Stagflation
  94. Consistency is the key
  95. Hydrogen vehicles – Pros & Cons
  96. Rolling stone gathers no moss
  97. Global energy crisis
  98. Digital Footprint
  99. War crimes
  100. The Future of Travel
  101. Sri Lanka’s economic crisis – Impact on India
  102. Is equality a myth?
  103. Internationalization of the Rupee
  104. Technology – The death of Libraries
  105. Future of the Internet
  106. Women in Armed Forces
  107. Fast food culture
  108. Space debris
  109. ABG shipyard scam – India’s biggest bank fraud
  110. Is social media making us less social?
  111. Atmanirbhar bharat in the Defence sector
  112. Global warming – Causes, Effects & Solutions
  113. SWIFT
  114. If aliens land on earth
  115. Impact of 5G on Global economy
  116. Importance of recycling
  117. Can India become a global semiconductor hub?
  118. No one wins in a war
  119. Russia-Ukraine crisis – Impact on India
  120. Noise pollution
  121. NATO
  122. Should NEET be banned?
  123. Straight roads do not make skillful drivers
  124. Unicorn
  125. Greenwashing
  126. Russia-Ukraine war
  127. How can we make the internet a safer place?
  128. Defence Budget 2022-23
  129. Are influencers really influencing?
  130. Union Budget 2022-23
  131. Covid third wave in India
  132. Web 3.0
  133. Should COVID-19 vaccination be made mandatory?
  134. Industry 5.0
  135. Alternative work arrangements
  136. Role of media in society
  137. Night owls vs Early birds
  138. Linking Aadhaar card with Voter ID – Pros & Cons
  139. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)
  140. Raising the age of marriage for women from 18 to 21 years – Pros & Cons
  141. Summit for Democracy
  142. Cashless society
  143. Parker Solar Probe
  144. Smart farming
  145. Omicron
  146. Android vs iOS – which is better?
  147. Role of EV to achieve net zero target by 2070
  148. What will happen if one rupee becomes equal to one dollar?
  149. Should people invest in cryptocurrency?
  150. AI-driven decision-making – Pros & Cons
  151. Gender in politics
  152. Belarus-EU migrant crisis
  153. Global Refugee crisis
  154. Ignorance is bliss
  155. Importance of psychological counselling in educational institutions
  156. Think globally Act locally
  157. Drone technology – Pros & Cons
  158. Urbanization: challenges and remedies
  159. Community kitchens – Pros & Challenges
  160. Solar energy – pros & challenges
  161. One sun, one world, one grid
  162. Metaverse
  163. Gati Shakti National Master Plan
  164. The Great Resignation
  165. Expectation kills happiness
  166. E-voting: Pros & challenges
  167. AUKUS vs Quad
  168. Life without phone
  169. AUKUS
  170. Evergrande crisis
  171. What if Bitcoin crashes to zero?
  172. College should be free for everyone
  173. Manipulative marketing
  174. Digital privacy
  175. COVID-19
  176. BRICS vs Quad
  177. Why is earth losing its greenery?
  178. Happy employees do a better job
  179. Sri Lanka’s economic crisis
  180. How to improve the standard of sports in India
  181. Teamwork vs Individual work
  182. Caste census – Pros & Cons
  183. Use of technology in social movements
  184. Food or Ethics?
  185. Private job vs Government job
  186. Impact of globalization on education
  187. National Monetization Pipeline
  188. How to prevent floods
  189. Books vs Movies
  190. Carbon tax
  191. India-Afghanistan relations
  192. Movies breed crime
  193. Digital detox
  194. Startup survival without investors
  195. Is Technology headed in the right direction?
  196. No two generations can see eye to eye
  197. Peer pressure
  198. e-RUPI – Pros & Loopholes
  199. OTT vs Theatre
  200. Taliban rule in Afghanistan – Impact on India
  201. Impact of COVID-19 on mental health
  202. Confidence vs Knowledge
  203. Net Zero
  204. The importance of netiquette in the digital age
  205. Biomedical waste crisis
  206. E-Rupee / Digital Rupee
  207. Post-Covid world
  208. Impact of COVID-19 on Indian economy
  209. India’s COVID-19 vaccination program
  210. Social media influencers – Impact on youth
  211. Development Finance Institution
  212. How can we prevent the next pandemic?
  213. Formal degrees are things of the past
  214. Should junk food be banned?
  215. The Future of Artificial Intelligence
  216. Impact of COVID pandemic on education
  217. The Future of work
  218. Quad
  219. Blended learning – The new normal
  220. Impact of reviews on consumer decisions
  221. Carbon footprint
  222. Good politics is bad economics
  223. Is social media polarising society?
  224. Fame is a double-edged sword
  225. Money or Happiness – Can money make us happy?
  226. The rise of the Gig economy
  227. Censorship of OTT platforms – Right or Wrong?
  228. Is the United Nations still relevant?
  229. Should anonymity be allowed on the internet?
  230. Green Jobs are essential for sustainable development
  231. National Recruitment Agency – Pros & Challenges
  232. National Education Policy 2020
  233. Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan
  234. Open book exams – Pros, Cons & Challenges
  235. National Health ID – Pros, Cons & Challenges
  236. How to create more jobs in rural areas?
  237. How to revive Indian economy?
  238. The pen is mightier than the sword
  239. E-learning – Pros & Challenges
  240. Do deadlines destroy creativity?
  241. Private trains in India – Benefits & Challenges
  242. Work from home – Pros & Cons
  243. Ban on Chinese Apps in India
  244. Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic
  245. Impact of Coronavirus/COVID-19 on Environment
  246. Impact of COVID-19 on Global economy
  247. Print Media vs Digital Media
  248. Fit India Movement
  249. Can India become a $5 trillion economy by 2024?
  250. Controversy as a marketing strategy
  251. Crisis in the Automobile Industry
  252. Disaster Management in India
  253. Is Technology making us less human?
  254. Zero Budget Natural Farming
  255. Coastal security of India
  256. How can India become a superpower?
  257. Syrian crisis
  258. CPEC
  259. Data Localisation – Benefits & Challenges
  260. Referendums strengthen democracy
  261. Circular economy is the key to sustainable development
  262. How can we utilize technology to tackle Financial crimes?
  263. India – Russia relations
  264. Can illiterates be given driving licenses?
  265. Electric vehicles in India
  266. Should Cricket be the National game of India?
  267. Should political parties be brought under RTI Act?
  268. Shanghai Cooperation Organisation
  269. Changing relation between India and Bangladesh
  270. Factors that contributed to the growth of MNCs
  271. ‘Neighbourhood First’ policy
  272. BIMSTEC
  273. Does “NOTA” option in elections really make sense?
  274. Are corporate jobs a new form of slavery?
  275. Blood is thicker than water – Abstract GD topic
  276. Mechanisms adopted to combat terrorism
  277. India – Iran Relations
  278. Consumerism and Middle class
  279. How can the standard of people below the poverty line be raised?
  280. Facebook vs LinkedIn
  281. 75% attendance is too much for engineering students
  282. Is cricket an overrated sport in India?
  283. Impact of Crony capitalism on India
  284. Higher Education in India
  285. Nationalism vs Regionalism
  286. India-France Relations
  287. BRICS
  288. Plastic ban: Economy vs Environment
  289. Bad bank – Is it a good idea?
  290. Placement scenario in India
  291. Is nuclear disarmament mandatory to achieve World Peace?
  292. Why Indian PSUs are in losses?
  293. Nuclear waste management
  294. Should Non-IT students be allowed for IT jobs?
  295. Fixed pay vs Variable pay
  296. Does India need ‘National Commission for Men’?
  297. Can Artificial intelligence replace Human intelligence?
  298. Retirement Homes – Pros & Cons
  299. Criminalization of politics
  300. Democracy vs Monarchy
  301. The world does not need religion
  302. How to lessen losses of Air India?
  303. Money is honey
  304. Which one is more important – Creativity or Knowledge?
  305. Who serves the country most – Teacher or Solider?
  306. Is Stock Market similar to gambling?
  307. Status of women in India
  308. Gender Equality in the workplace
  309. Role of ethics in business
  310. Knowledge based economy is important to achieve the economic boom of India
  311. Mission Shakti – India’s Anti-satellite missile test
  312. Should Physical Education be made compulsory in schools?
  313. The menace of Eve-teasing
  314. India-US relations
  315. Jet Airways Crisis
  316. India’s role in its neighboring countries
  317. Is internet curbing creativity?
  318. Is the concept of non-violence still applicable?
  319. Effects of video games on well-being
  320. Ethical manager vs Effective manager
  321. Are celebrities treated unfairly by media?
  322. Corporate Social Responsibility – Charity or Marketing gimmick?
  323. Can celebrities make good politicians?
  324. Are Leaders born or made?
  325. Technocrats should not become bureaucrats
  326. “America First” Policy : Good or bad for World Geopolitics?
  327. Millennial Voters – Can they decide the future of India?
  328. Coaching centers are destroying education
  329. India has a long coastal line. Is it an advantage or Liability?
  330. Youth empowerment is necessary for any country’s development. According to you what should India focus on, for Youth empowerment?
  331. India’s E-commerce policy – Impact on E-commerce industry
  332. India – Pakistan relations
  333. Big Data and Information Privacy – A future challenge
  334. Modernisation of armed forces
  335. India’s foreign policy
  336. Who is the true ally of India?
  337. India is a fast developing country. Despite this, people at the bottom are not benefiting of it. In your view, what is the reason behind it?
  338. Coalition politics in India
  339. The Future of Cryptocurrencies
  340. Should artistic expression be monitored by law?
  341. NYAY – Can it eliminate poverty?
  342. Impact of News channels on society
  343. India-China relations
  344. Black or Grey – Abstract GD Topic
  345. Moody’s rating upgrade – Impact on India’s economy
  346. Sustainable development hampers industrial progress
  347. Is India ready for 5G?
  348. Open economy – Role of MNCs in India
  349. Traffic problems in India
  350. Is war the best way to solve international disputes?
  351. Roots & wings – Abstract GD topic
  352. EVMs vs Paper Ballots
  353. Should public sector banks be privatized?
  354. Mental illness in India
  355. India’s fight against Terrorism | Pulwama Terror attacks
  356. Plastic Money – Advantages & Disadvantages
  357. The Fall of Facebook
  358. Recapitalization of Banks
  359. Walls are dead – Abstract GD Topic
  360. Challenges in the IT industry
  361. How can we reduce wealth gap between Rich & Poor?
  362. Brexit – Impact on India?
  363. Censorship of Web series – Pros & Cons
  364. Information overload – GD Topic
  365. Should Military training be made compulsory for all in India?
  366. Famous or Important – Abstract GD Topic
  367. Might is always right
  368. Affordable Healthcare in India
  369. Insolvency and bankruptcy code
  370. If Third World War happens, what will be the possible reason behind it?
  371. Freebie politics in India
  372. Role of India in United Nations
  373. Universal Basic Income – Pros & Cons
  374. G20 – GD Topic
  375. Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill – GD Topic
  376. Should Aadhaar be made mandatory?
  377. Should Fintech firms and Banks be collaborated?
  378. Innovation vs Invention – What is more important?
  379. Impact of Technology on jobs
  380. What is the biggest problem that India is facing?
  381. Unemployment Allowance – Pros & Cons
  382. Should adultery be criminalized?
  383. Fugitive Economic Offenders Act
  384. The menace of Trolling
  385. Can women be in combat roles?
  386. Gene-edited babies project – Pros & Cons
  387. How to solve the issue of pending cases in Indian courts
  388. Should organ donation be made compulsory?
  389. Industrial Revolution 4.0
  390. Markets are found not created
  391. Movies encourage social evils
  392. Blockchain Technology – Pros & Cons
  393. Pink – Abstract GD Topic
  394. Statue of unity – GD Topic
  395. Ayushman Bharat – Will it achieve Universal Health coverage in India?
  396. Data is the new Oil
  397. #MeToo – GD Topic
  398. Success – GD Topic
  399. Decriminalization of Homosexuality – Road ahead for LGBTQ community of India
  400. Detention policy – Pros & Cons
  401. Right to be forgotten
  402. News channels – Breaking rules to give Breaking news
  403. Live-in relationships in India
  404. End of Globalization
  405. Joint family vs Nuclear family
  406. Impact of falling rupee on Indian economy
  407. Child marriages in India
  408. Should Delhi be given statehood?
  409. Social Media – Impact on human behavior and society
  410. Co-education (Mixed gender education) – Pros & Cons
  411. One year of GST
  412. Interlinking of rivers – Pros & Cons
  413. Relevance of WTO in today’s global scenario
  414. Plastic Pollution
  415. Should street food be banned?
  416. Facebook – Cambridge Analytica data scandal
  417. EU’s GDPR – Impact on India
  418. Public perception of the Police – How can it be improved?
  419. Flipkart-Walmart deal – Impact on India
  420. Digital Revolution – Pros & Cons
  421. US withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal – Impact on India
  422. High fuel prices in India – What are the causes?
  423. Freedom is a myth
  424. Water scarcity in India
  425. Do brands rule our lives?
  426. Can ‘Death penalty’ deter child rapes?
  427. Exam paper leaks – How to restore trust in the Indian education system?
  428. SC/ST Act
  429. US-China Trade war – Impact on USA, China & other countries
  430. Portrayal of women in Indian cinema
  431. Should there be a ban on Bandhs?
  432. Private Universities in India – Pros and Cons
  433. How can banks prevent Nirav Modi-Like scams?
  434. Door – Abstract GD Topic
  435. Allowing Ayurveda, Homeopathy doctors to practice Modern medicine – Pros & Cons
  436. 7th pay commission – Pros & Cons
  437. Compulsory Yoga in schools – Pros and Cons
  438. Is ‘NITI Ayog’ a success?
  439. Will artificial intelligence take away jobs?
  440. Should the rich and wealthy in India be taxed more?
  441. Impact of Brexit on Indian Economy
  442. Is there a need to curb the mushrooming of private coaching institutes?
  443. Should India sign CTBT & NPT ?
  444. Light pollution – A new threat
  445. Zero – Abstract GD Topic
  446. Are we forgetting our seven Sisters?
  447. Despite a large population, India lacks knowledge power
  448. Dot – Abstract GD Topic
  449. Is Indian culture decaying?
  450. Use of Renewable energy in India
  451. Son of the Soil approach in recruitment – Good or Bad?
  452. Are CCTV cameras in public places effective or just an invasion of privacy?
  453. Should both developed and underdeveloped countries have equal binding in combating climate change?
  454. Does Nepotism exist in Bollywood?
  455. Do small companies have more harmony?
  456. Job vs Entrepreneurship
  457. Rise of Patanjali – Marketing lessons to learn
  458. The key to India’s prosperity is Agriculture
  459. Indiscriminate Tourism will lead to environmental damage
  460. MBAs do not make good business leaders
  461. Red – Abstract GD Topic
  462. Rising stalking cases – Where is the problem?
  463. Why is India one of the biggest defence equipment importer?
  464. Involving Army in civil tasks – Right or Wrong?
  465. Has Reliance jio changed the telecom sector of India?
  466. Cauvery River Dispute
  467. One Rank One Pension – Advantages and Disadvantages
  468. Should Politics and Business be mixed?
  469. In what way Payment Banks are useful?
  470. Does corporate world promote entrepreneurship?
  471. FDI in retail – Boon or Bane?
  472. Money spent on space exploration can be better used on reducing poverty on earth
  473. City vs Village
  474. Trial by Media – Pros and Cons
  475. Should mobile phones be allowed in schools & colleges?
  476. How can tourism be improved?
  477. Can the world economy bank upon India for growth?
  478. Should ‘Right to Privacy’ have limits?
  479. Should ‘Freedom of expression’ have limits?
  480. Startup India Standup India : Success or Failure?
  481. Is ‘Jan Dhan Yojana’ a success?
  482. Are women better managers than men?
  483. Judiciary Reforms in India
  484. Significance of BRICS in world economy
  485. Is Technology creating income inequalities?
  486. India-China relations post Doklam issue
  487. Status of sports in India
  488. Should Beauty pageants be banned?
  489. Right to Education: Success or Failure?
  490. Impact of ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’ on our lives
  491. Is India ready for Electric cars?
  492. Should Driverless cars be allowed in India?
  493. Impact of GST on Banking sector
  494. Is Globalization a threat to Indian Culture?
  495. Aadhaar-Mobile linking – Good or Bad?
  496. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao – a success?
  497. Should ‘Group Discussion’ be compulsory in the hiring process?
  498. Ethics in Politics – Myth or Reality?
  499. Fake News – Impact on society
  500. E-Commerce – Sustainable business model?
  501. Delhi’s Odd-Even Rule : a success?
  502. Should India adopt two time zones?
  503. Impact of Technology on Banking sector
  504. Common syllabus throughout Indian schools – Pros & Cons
  505. Unemployment in India
  506. Corruption in India
  507. How can Indo-Pak relations be improved?
  508. Impact of Video games on youth
  509. Digital payments in India
  510. Role of engineers in disaster management
  511. Is MBA a rat race?
  512. US-Mexico border wall – Good or Bad?
  513. Challenges to Indian Banking sector
  514. ‘One Nation One Election’ – Pros & Cons?
  515. Child labour in India
  516. Climate Change – What can we do about it?
  517. Artificial intelligence (AI) – Pros & Cons
  518. Human Gene editing – Good or Bad?
  519. Brexit – Pros and Cons
  520. Big Data – Pros & Cons
  521. Bullet trains in india – Is it a right step?
  522. New India 2022 – Will it be a reality?
  523. NEET – Pros & Cons
  524. Make in India
  525. Hard Work vs Smart Work
  526. Impact of movies on youth
  527. How to eliminate the threat of Nuclear war?
  528. Green Card reforms – Beneficial for Indians?
  529. Jio’s business model – Sustainable or Not?
  530. Drug menace – How to fight with it?
  531. Will India emerge as a superpower in the near future?
  532. Can we rely on Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?
  533. How to tackle Naxalism?
  534. Impact of GST on Indian Economy
  535. Is censorship of movies an outdated concept?
  536. India’s population growth
  537. Should Hindi be the National language of India?
  538. Should kids’ reality shows be banned?
  539. How to reduce NPA?
  540. Merger of PSU banks – Is it really necessary?
  541. Digital India
  542. Is GST beneficial for the common man?
  543. Privatization of ‘Air India’ – Good or Bad?
  544. One Belt One Road – Impact on India
  545. Can ‘One Belt One Road’ improve developing world?
  546. Farm loan waivers – Good or Bad?
  547. Should Paper ballot system be restored?
  548. Why is Norway the world’s happiest country?
  549. Why are many startups failing in India?
  550. Should the Internet be censored?
  551. Why is India unhappy? – World Happiness Report
  552. Banks levying charges on cash transactions – Is it a good move?
  553. SBI merger with associate banks – Good or Bad?
  554. Cap on wedding expenditure – Is it fair?
  555. Ever growing air pollution levels – Where does the problem lie?
  556. Should Rapists be tortured?
  557. Farmer Suicides in India – What needs to be done?
  558. Tightening H-1B visa rules – Is it Fair?
  559. Has democracy hampered India’s progress?
  560. Can World Peace be achieved?
  561. Union Budget 2017-18 – Is it beneficial for the common man?
  562. Experimenting on Animals – Is it fair?
  563. Are Men silent sufferers in this modern world?
  564. Is Nationalism taking over Globalism?
  565. How can we deal with increasing Cyber Crimes?
  566. Should stray animals be killed?
  567. Will GST be a success?
  568. Is it time to replace Mahatma Gandhi’s picture on Indian currency notes?
  569. Can India turn ‘Brain Drain’ into ‘Brain Gain’?
  570. Is China a threat to India?
  571. Indian Business Schools – Are they really effective?
  572. Technology changing the face of education
  573. Unique identification number for every Indian
  574. Is it really worth to become a cashless economy?
  575. Should women be encouraged to work in night shifts?
  576. Should Homeschooling be encouraged in India?
  577. Should Uniforms be mandatory in schools?
  578. Social networking in our lives
  579. Role of digitization in banking
  580. Is India ready to be a Cashless Economy?
  581. India’s fight against ‘Black Money’
  582. Is India prepared enough to handle cyber attacks?
  583. Should Chinese products be banned in India?
  584. Impact of Social Media on youth
  585. Should Environment polluters be severely punished?
  586. Should there be a retirement age for politicians in India?
  587. Free WiFi Spots – Beneficial or not?
  588. Student Suicides – What are the deep rooted problems?
  589. Is online piracy inevitable?
  590. How can we stop ‘Honor Killings’?
  591. Will E-commerce dominate physical stores?
  592. How can river Ganga be cleaned?
  593. Parliamentary System vs Presidential System
  594. Can India get into NSG?
  595. Should India be given a permanent seat in UNSC?
  596. Population explosion – boon or bane?
  597. Should mother tongue be the medium of instruction in schools?
  598. Does UNSC need to be reformed?
  599. Should Fathers be given Paternity Leave?
  600. Is Technology rising Unemployment rates?
  601. AFSPA
  602. Mobile towers in residential areas – harmful or not?
  603. Is hosting Olympics good for the host country?
  604. How can slums be improved?
  605. Future of Sports in India
  606. India’s obsession with Gold – How it affects Indian Economy?
  607. Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage
  608. Is Reservation for women justified?
  609. Does Censor Board need to be reformed?
  610. Is IPL a boon or bane for Indian cricket?
  611. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan – How far was it successful?
  612. Is Educational qualification necessary for Politicians?
  613. Do business and ethics go hand in hand?
  614. Alcohol Ban – Pros and Cons
  615. Paperless office – could it be a reality?
  616. Eastern vs Western- which parenting style is better?
  617. Should attendance be made compulsory for students?
  618. Should betting and gambling be legalized in India?
  619. Aadhaar Act
  620. Specialization vs Generalization
  621. Youth in Politics
  622. Smart Cities Mission – Benefits & Challenges
  623. Net neutrality
  624. Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Scheme – Pros and Cons
  625. Should attempt to suicide be decriminalized?
  626. Does India need smaller states?
  627. Women’s Reservation Bill
  628. Should death penalty be abolished?
  629. The Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act
  630. Should Homosexuality be legalized?
  631. NOTA – Is it a good step?
  632. National Food Security Bill – Pros and Cons
  633. Demographic Dividend in India
  634. Depreciation of Indian Rupee
  635. Should zoos be abolished?
  636. Women Empowerment in India
  637. Present Education System in India
  638. Role of NGOs in India
  639. Is FDI good for India?
  640. Generation Gap
  641. E-waste management
  642. Relevance of Gandhi in modern world.
  643. Social networking sites – Boon or Bane?
  644. Genetically modified products – Boon or bane?
  645. How to deal with international terrorism?
  646. Are Big Dams Necessary?
  647. Is China a threat to Indian software industry?
  648. Is the Patents Bill Good for India?
  649. Are we serious about saving Wildlife and Environment?
  650. Is dependence on computers a good thing?
  651. Internet – boon or bane?
  652. Voting rights to illiterates – illogical?
  653. Should agricultural subsidies be stopped?
  654. Brain drain has to be stopped
  655. Role of UN in Peace keeping.
  656. What can we do to eradicate poverty?
  657. Can Trade help the poor?
  658. Age and Youth: Experience And Young Talent
  659. Should Water Resources Be Nationalized?
  660. Indian villages – Our Strength or Weakness?
  661. Private Educational Institutions – Good or Bad?
  662. Is WikiLeaks a bane or a boon?
  663. Multinational Companies: Are they devils in disguise?
  664. Nuclear Energy in India – Boon or Bane?
  665. Do we need a fresh Reorganization of states?
  666. Should euthanasia / mercy killing be legalized?
  667. E-Learning: A substitute for classroom learning?
  668. Is Globalization Really Necessary?
  669. Bullet for Bullet: Is it a Right policy?
  670. Commercialization of health care : Good or Bad ?
  671. Media is a mixed blessing
  672. Balance between Profession and Family
  673. Examination – Has it killed Education?
  674. Privatization will lead to less corruption.
  675. Are Foreign television channels destroying our culture?
  676. Are Advertisements Beneficial or not?

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