Background :-

  • According to world historians, globalization started when ‘Colombus’ landed on Americas, while searching for spices in 1492, and also by the exploration of world by ‘Vasco da Gama’ for trade.
  • But some other historians argue that Globalization exists in the times of Harappan civilization times too. The traces of trade and transportation were found in the excavations.
  • We can divide the phenomenon of globalization into three phases. First phase is the time, when it was difficult for states to interact with each other.
  • Second phase starts with the technological advancement. In this phase, countries were communicating with each other easily and the trade between them was also improved.
  • The third phase is the current phase, that is interdependence. In present generation, almost every country depending on other countries for resources, skills etc. And in this phase, all countries are mutually effected by each other.

In Favor :-

  • Through Globalization developing countries can become developed countries.
  • We can share technologies and inventions.
  • We can sell our products all over the world. By exporting our products, we can improve our economy.
  • India has resources of skilled manpower. So through globalization other countries invests money in India. And by that our economy improves.
  • We can share the medicinal knowledge and inventions.
  • We can exchange resources such as petrol, coal etc. We can import the things, which are necessary for us but not available here.
  • Western countries learned a lot from east. For ex :- Yoga, Martial Arts etc. And eastern countries also learned from west. For ex :- Liberal thoughts, Dignity of labour etc.
  • We can exchange fantastic books and knowledge. Thereby we all can improve.
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In Against :-

  • Country’s sovereignty will be at threat. Because to take decisions on trade and food security etc, nation has to face the limitations by World Trade Organization (WTO)’s policies.
  • Through globalization, poor becomes poorer. Because poor people can’t get the fruits of globalization much. It is the rich, who will be benefited a lot by globalization.
  • There is a chance of culture being effected.
  • Non-globalized human societies will become extinct species.
  • There may be a chance of forgetting their own mother tongue.
  • Diseases like swine flu, anthrax etc. are spreading to other countries through the travelers.
  • Due to Globalization unemployment may increases. For example, The people of USA are facing unemployment, because so many people of different countries from all over the world are migrating to USA and doing jobs there.
  • We are heavily depending on other countries. And if there are any changes in the other countries, we will also get effected. For example, if oil prices increases, we have to pay more money for imports and thereby our economy will be effected.


            Obviously, no country can stay isolated in this modern world. For one thing or the other, we all depend on each other for survival and to improve the slandered of living. And the most important thing is we created the borders between the countries. They were not God-given. We shouldn’t restrict ourselves to these borders. In today’s world Globalization is necessary through which, we all can improve together.

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