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Effects of income inequality and poverty on society

  • The problem of income inequality has become more critical in recent times as the disparity between the wealthy and poor keeps growing. While technological developments have opened up new avenues for employment and industries, they have also caused the
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Effect of ChatGPT on Journalism

  • The past few years have witnessed remarkable advancements in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications across various industries. Among these, journalism has been significantly impacted by the emergence of AI-powered language models, such as ChatGPT, designed
gender unemployment gap in India
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The gender unemployment gap in India

  • In India, the unemployment rate for women is significantly higher than that of men.
Causes of the gender unemployment gap in India:
  • In general, women are discriminated against in jobs, and hence despite their low participation in the labour
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How will 2022 shape 2023?

  • The year 2022 was a year of significant events that will have a profound impact on the year 2023. From a year-long ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, record inflation, and the
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The changing landscape of education

  • The field of education is constantly evolving and adapting to the rapid changes in technology and society. In the past decade, we have seen a dramatic transformation in the way students learn and the methods used to teach them.