95+ Latest SSB GD Topics 2021 (with answers)

ssb gd topics

SSB GD topics for the year 2021:

  1. COVID-19
  2. BRICS vs Quad
  3. Sri Lanka’s economic crisis
  4. India-Afghanistan relations
  5. Is Technology headed in the right direction?
  6. Taliban rule in Afghanistan – Impact on India
  7. Impact of COVID-19 on mental health
  8. How to prevent COVID third wave in India?
  9. Post-Covid world
  10. Union Budget 2021-22
  11. The Future of Artificial Intelligence
  12. Quad
  13. Is the United Nations still relevant?
  14. Should anonymity be allowed on the internet?
  15. How will 2020 shape 2021?
  16. Fit India Movement
  17. Bifurcation of Jammu & Kashmir
  18. Disaster Management in India
  19. UAPA (Amendment) Bill, 2019
  20. Union Budget – 2019-20
  21. Doubling of Farmers’ Income by 2022 – How can India achieve this?
  22. Coastal security of India
  23. How can India become a superpower?
  24. Syrian crisis
  25. CPEC
  26. India – Russia relations
  27. Shanghai Cooperation Organisation
  28. Changing relation between India and Bangladesh
  29. ‘Neighbourhood First’ policy
  31. Major challenges for the Modi government 2.0
  32. Blood is thicker than water – Abstract GD topic
  33. Mechanisms adopted to combat terrorism
  34. India – Iran Relations
  35. Defence Budget 2019-20
  36. Should Bihar be given Special category status?
  37. Nationalism vs Regionalism
  38. India-France Relations
  39. BRICS
  40. Is nuclear disarmament mandatory to achieve World Peace?
  41. Criminalization of politics
  42. National Register of Citizens – Merits & Demerits
  43. Who serves the country most – Teacher or Solider?
  44. Abrogation of Article 370
  45. India-US relations
  46. India’s role in its neighboring countries
  47. Is the concept of non-violence still applicable?
  48. “America First” Policy : Good or bad for World Geopolitics?
  49. India has a long coastal line. Is it an advantage or Liability?
  50. Elections in India – 2019
  51. Youth empowerment is necessary for any country’s development. According to you what should India focus on, for Youth empowerment?
  52. India – Pakistan relations
  53. Freedom of Press in India
  54. Modernisation of armed forces
  55. India’s foreign policy
  56. Who is the true ally of India?
  57. India is a fast developing country. Despite this, people at the bottom are not benefiting of it. In your view, what is the reason behind it?
  58. India-China relations
  59. Is war the best way to solve international disputes?
  60. India’s fight against Terrorism | Pulwama Terror attacks
  61. 5 years of Modi government
  62. Top 30 GD Topics 2019 (with Answers)
  63. Should Military training be made compulsory for all in India?
  64. Citizenship (Amendment) Bill
  65. If Third World War happens, what will be the possible reason behind it?
  66. Freebie politics in India
  67. Role of India in United Nations
  68. Universal Basic Income – Pros & Cons
  69. G20 – GD Topic
  70. What is the biggest problem that India is facing?
  71. Can women be in combat roles?
  72. Industrial Revolution 4.0
  73. Should reservations be based on economic status?
  74. Should Article 35A be abolished?
  75. Imran Khan as Pakistan’s Prime Minister – Impact on Indo-Pak relations
  76. 4 years of Modi government
  77. India-US relations – Impact of Trump
  78. Public perception of the Police – How can it be improved?
  79. US withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal – Impact on India
  80. Who have more chances of winning 2019 Lok Sabha elections?
  81. Should India sign CTBT & NPT ?
  82. Zero – Abstract GD Topic
  83. Are we forgetting our seven Sisters?
  84. Dot – Abstract GD Topic
  85. Do Indian workplaces treat sexual harassment cases seriously?
  86. Son of the Soil approach in recruitment – Good or Bad?
  87. Are CCTV cameras in public places effective or just an invasion of privacy?
  88. Red – Abstract GD Topic
  89. Why is India one of the biggest defence equipment importer?
  90. Involving Army in civil tasks – Right or Wrong?
  91. One Rank One Pension – Advantages and Disadvantages
  92. Should ‘Group Discussion’ be compulsory in the hiring process?
  93. Fake News – Impact on society
  94. How can Indo-Pak relations be improved?
  95. Artificial intelligence (AI) – Pros & Cons
  96. Has democracy hampered India’s progress?
  97. Can World Peace be achieved?
  98. Is China a threat to India?
  99. Can India get into NSG?
  100. Should India be given a permanent seat in UNSC?
  101. Should AFSPA be repealed?
  102. Relevance of Gandhi in modern world.
  103. How to deal with international terrorism?
  104. Role of UN in Peace keeping.

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