• Since 2005, the second day of the second week of February is organized as ‘Safer internet day’. So, this year’s safe internet day was celebrated globally on 8th February 2022.

The need for a safer internet:

  • At present, our daily lives depend on the internet. We can’t even imagine our lives without the internet in this interconnected modern world. We learn, work, play, watch content and even connect with our loved ones using the internet. So, we are spending so much time online. Hence, it is very important to make it a safer and better place.
  • Bullying, cybercrimes and trolling are affecting the mental health of many people. So, there is a need to take steps towards a kinder internet.

How can we make the internet a safer place:

  • A better internet starts with us. Being responsible and pausing and thinking before posting comments and any other content is very important to make the internet a safer place. We need to think about whether our words can affect someone’s mental health negatively. Moreover, we should respect differences in opinions, ideologies and cultures.
  • Schools, colleges, Gram Sabhas and communities should educate about the negative side of the online world along with the plenty of opportunities offered by the internet. There is a need to guide everyone about issues such as cybercrime, cyberstalking, phishing, hacking, malware, identity theft, online predators, phishing, cyber scams etc.
  • We should not reveal too much personal information online, because it is prone to misuse. Many websites collect our data. So, we should provide our information only when it is absolutely necessary and only on trusted platforms. We need to choose stronger passwords. Moreover, we should make use of the privacy features offered by social media websites. We should know that our digital footprint affects our career prospects and sometimes even relationships.
  • Emerging online issues should also be discussed to come up with innovative solutions. Issues such as misinformation and fake news for political purposes, the effect of excessive social media usage on mental health, the role of social media influencers etc. should be discussed.
  • There should be appropriate punishments for trolls, cyberbullies, cybercriminals and other forms of violence happening online. punishments can act as a deterrent. Women are more likely to be harassed than men online. So, steps should be taken to tackle this issue.
  • As responsible netizens, we should report fake and dangerous content online. If we witness online bullying, we should defend the victim. Our support can make the victims feel safer and can deter the bullies from repeating their behaviour.
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The slogan of safe internet day is ‘Together for a better internet. That means we all together can make the internet a safer place especially for children by being cautious about the content we post, reporting the fake and misleading content, supporting and defending the victims of trolling and spreading awareness can pave the way to safer and better internet.

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