how to crack group discussion
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How to crack Group Discussion?

Group Discussion round is the next screening process after the initial rounds in various organizations, MBA institutes and even in high schools. This round usually measures the personality and suitability of the candidate on the basis of knowledge, communication skills,…
how to handle abstract gd topics
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How to handle Abstract GD Topics?

What is an Abstract GD topic: Broadly, we can divide GD topics into 3 categories;
  • Knowledge-based topics – Topics on the Indian Economy, World summits, International affairs, Supreme Court judgments ..etc.
  • Opinionated topics – Should reservations be banned?, Small states
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    4 Best sources that will help you in Group Discussions

    Editorials & Opinion articles in The Hindu newspaper/ any authentic newspaper: The Hindu newspaper is the best newspaper for students. It is followed by most of the civil services aspirants. You can find unbiased views on current affairs in the…