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Here is the list of education group discussion topics.

  1. Benefits of AI in Education
  2. Board Exam Twice a Year
  3. Ban on Smartphones in Schools
  4. The Edtech bubble has burst
  5. The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence & Automation
  6. The changing landscape of education
  7. The rise of Generative AI
  8. Inclusive Growth
  9. Should NEET be banned?
  10. College should be free for everyone
  11. Impact of globalization on education
  12. Formal degrees are things of the past
  13. Impact of COVID pandemic on education
  14. Blended learning – The new normal
  15. National Education Policy 2020
  16. Open book exams – Pros, Cons & Challenges
  17. E-learning – Pros & Challenges
  18. Higher Education in India
  19. Knowledge based economy is important to achieve the economic boom of India
  20. Detention policy – Pros & Cons
  21. Co-education (Mixed gender education) – Pros & Cons
  22. Exam paper leaks – How to restore trust in the Indian education system?
  23. Private Universities in India – Pros and Cons
  24. Is there a need to curb the mushrooming of private coaching institutes?
  25. MBAs do not make good business leaders
  26. Right to Education: Success or Failure?
  27. Common syllabus throughout Indian schools – Pros & Cons
  28. Is MBA a rat race?
  29. NEET – Pros & Cons
  30. Indian Business Schools – Are they really effective?
  31. Technology changing the face of education
  32. Student Suicides – What are the deep rooted problems?
  33. Should mother tongue be the medium of instruction in schools?
  34. Present Education System in India
  35. Private Educational Institutions – Good or Bad?
  36. E-Learning: A substitute for classroom learning?
  37. Examination – Has it killed Education?

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