Pros of Co-education:

  • Mixed-gender education system prepares students for real life. Students that are from co-education schools may not have fear in interacting with the opposite gender. This will help them in their work-life as well.
  • Co-education helps students in learning other gender’s perspective. This will help them in future in nurturing relationships.
  • Children who are brought up in co-education environment may less likely to harass and bully another gender because they most likely have friends of the opposite gender so they tend to have empathy and understanding towards the other gender.
  • The mixed-gender education system is a great example of non-discrimination based on gender. Children learn gender equality practically.
  • It challenges sexist attitudes.
  • There is no need to build separate institutions and to allot separate resources. Hence, there will be efficient resource utilization.
  • It teaches mutual respect and co-existing, which makes them good citizens.
  • Majority people consider co-education as a sign of progressive society.
  • In the past, girls were not encouraged to study by many. At that time single gender institutions convinced them to join their girl children in educational institutes. But now, everyone is encouraging their children to study irrespective of their gender. Hence there is no need for single gender educational institutes in present times.
  • Having both boys and girls in schools is the first thing children practically learn the value of diversity.

Cons of Co-education :-

  • Some children express themselves well only in the presence of same gender children. They tend to be inactive in mixed gender schools and thereby faces self-esteem issues.
  • Even in this 21st century, many girls are forced to drop out from schools when they reach teenage years. Main reason for this is having only co-education schools in their vicinity.
  • In the present situations, where we are hearing the news of different forms of harassment of girl children almost daily. Amid this situations, parents have constant fear in their minds if their children are studying in co-education schools.
  • Men and women face different types of problem in society. Co-education system tend to focus on teaching common problems faced by all.
  • Students that are in co-education system tend to get attracted to opposite gender, because many have friends of opposite gender.  As teenagers may not know the difference between attraction and love, they can be easily manipulated and hence may divert from studies. Proper guidance in schools will help them understand how one can keep personal feelings and studies separately.
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Conclusion :-

Co-education prepares children for the real life. The ratio of mixed gender schools and single gender schools is different in different areas and different countries. But people see co-education as a sign of progressive society. However both co-education and single gender education system offer certain benefits. It’s good to have a choice so that people can choose one of them based on their personal preferences.

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