Who is to blame for drug usage among youngsters
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Who is to blame for drug usage among youngsters?

If parents guide their children about the consequences of drug abuse, they are less likely to try them. Illegal drug usage will cause physical & mental health issues and can even lead to death. Children do not know everything. So, parents should guide them.

time poverty
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Time poverty

These days, many people are complaining about not having enough time. They are facing time poverty and as a consequence, stress levels are increasing.

Technology addiction
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Technology addiction

Instead of passing the responsibility of self-control to users, tech companies should take steps to prevent this addiction. Several engineers work in tech companies to make their platforms and apps addictive. They do this to make users spend more time on their platforms, so that they can get more revenue.

consistency is the key
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Consistency is the key

Points to speak on ‘consistency is the key’: We are what we repeatedly do. Consistency leads to habits. And our

Hydrogen vehicles - Pros & Cons
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Hydrogen vehicles – Pros & Cons

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles along with other alternative fuel vehicles can help in energy transition. Clean fuel technologies are the future of transport as they can help in our fight against climate change.