Deep tech startups
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Deep Tech startups

What is a Deep Tech startup:
  • Deep Tech or Hard Tech startups are companies that develop engineering and scientific innovations to solve complex real-world problems. Developing an affordable solution for treating life-threatening diseases, creating IoT-based accident prevention systems for vehicles
green economy
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Green economy

What is ‘Green economy’:
  • A green economy aims at development without causing a negative impact on the environment.
Points to speak on ‘Green economy’:
  • The present economy encourages people to buy more things. Rising materialism is depleting natural resources, causing
Who is to blame for drug usage among youngsters
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Who is to blame for drug usage among youngsters?

Who is to blame for drug abuse among young people? (A) Bad parenting (B) Easy availability of drugs (c) Peer pressure Theme:
  • The majority of youngsters don’t take illegal drugs. But the drug menace is spreading faster than before.
time poverty
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Time poverty

Points to speak on ‘Time poverty’:
  • These days, many people are complaining about not having enough time. They are facing time poverty and as a consequence, stress levels are increasing.
  • Poor people are more likely to face time poverty than
Technology addiction
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Technology addiction

Points to speak on the topic ‘Technology addiction’:
  • Technology made our lives so much easier. But it also created a new problem, which is tech addiction. With the increasing usage of smartphones and the internet, people of all ages are