Is Technology headed in the right direction?

is technology headed in the right direction


  • Technology is making our lives easier. Due to new technological innovations living standards have improved significantly.
  • Technology is making our society inclusive. Many senior citizens, people with special needs are also able to live independently due to new technological
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The Future of Artificial Intelligence

The future of artificial intelligence


  • Artificial intelligence has changed the world so much and will bring many more changes in the coming days. AI is already integrated into our daily lives. If we take the example, many of us are using virtual assistants such
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The Future of work

the future of work

Points to speak:

  • Artificial intelligence is automating several jobs in all sectors, especially low-skilled jobs. Digitalization too made some jobs redundant. So, a lot of low-wage workers will become jobless. There is a need to reskill them to keep them
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The rise of the Gig economy

the rise of the gig economy


  • In September 2020, the government of India brought a new labour code – ‘The Code on Social Security 2020‘, which extended social security to the unorganised sector workers including gig workers. The government will bring social security
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