The future of Twitter
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The Future of Twitter

  • Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover in October 2022 resulted in huge layoffs and several changes in the Twitter platform. People worldwide are discussing the uncertain future of Twitter under Elon Musk.
The Future of Twitter:
  • After taking over Twitter, Elon
India’s semiconductor industry
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India’s semiconductor industry

  • Taiwan’s semiconductor manufacturer Foxconn partnered with Vedanta to build a semiconductor plant in Gujarat and start semiconductor chip manufacturing in India as early as 2025. The joint venture was signed in September 2022.
What is a semiconductor chip?:
  • Semiconductors
space tourism
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Space tourism

  • In July 2022, Science & Technology minister Dr. Jitendra Singh said that the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is developing the capability to launch humans on quick space tourism flights.
What is Space Tourism?
  • Space tourism is enabling humans
neo banks vs traditional banks
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Neo-banks vs Traditional banks

What is a Neo bank:
  • Neo banks operate exclusively online without traditional physical branch networks.
  • They provide digital and mobile-first financial solutions such as payments, money transfers, money loans, and more.
  • Jupiter, Fi Money, and Niyo are some of the
james webb telescope
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James Webb Telescope

  • In July 2022, NASA released the first set of images taken by the ‘James Webb Space Telescope’ (JWST).
James Webb Telescope:
  • Telescopes are sent into space to get a clearer view of the planets, stars, and galaxies. Telescopes can