medical tourism
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Medical Tourism

What is Medical Tourism?
  • Medical tourism is the practice of travelling to another country to receive medical treatment. This can be done for a variety of reasons, including cost, access to specialized care, or a desire to receive care in
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Sustainable Development Goals

  • In today’s fast-changing world, we face complex problems like poverty, inequality, climate change, and environmental degradation. To tackle these challenges and make a better future for everyone, the international community came together to work on a plan called the
the second space age
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The Second Space Age

  • The Second Space Age has ushered in an era of remarkable growth and innovation in the global space industry. In line with this trend, India’s private space sector has been experiencing a phenomenal boom, with a surge in the
food wastage
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Food wastage

  • According to the UNEP’s (United Nations Environment Programme) Food Waste Index Report 2021, approximately 1 billion metric tonnes of food is wasted globally every year. In India, approx 6.88 crore tonnes of food is wasted, which is around 7%
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  • The de-dollarization trend is accelerating in an increasingly multipolar world. It has not gone unnoticed by Indian policymakers, who are now exploring ways to reduce their country’s reliance on the U.S. dollar. The dollar’s dominant position in the global