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Food Security

What is food security?
  • Food security means making sure everyone in a society can easily get enough safe and healthy food at a reasonable cost. It involves factors like how much food is produced, how easy it is to get
attention economy
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Attention Economy

What is the Attention Economy?
  • The Attention Economy refers to the idea that attention is a precious resource, and everyone – from businesses to social media platforms – is competing for it.
  • It’s like a big marketplace where our attention
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Iran-Pakistan conflict 2024

  • The relationship between Iran and Pakistan has long been complex and marked by periods of both cooperation and tension. Recently, in January 2024, the tensions reached a new peak with cross-border military strikes between the two countries.
Recent events:…
Neuralink gd topic
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  • In January 2024, Elon Musk’s Neuralink startup implanted a chip named ‘Telepathy’ inside a human brain for the first time. It is announced that the patient is recovering well.
What is Neuralink project:
  • The Neuralink project was started in
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AI Bots

What is an AI bot?
  • An artificial intelligence bot is a computer program equipped with artificial intelligence algorithms that enable it to simulate conversation with a human, perform tasks, and make decisions with varying degrees of autonomy. These bots use