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What is Binge-watching:
  • Binge watching refers to watching many episodes or movies in one sitting. This is a common form of entertainment in the present times.
Points to speak on the topic – ‘Binge-watching’:
  • Even though watching TV for a
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  • In July 2022, the first-ever I2U2 (India, Israel, the US & UAE) virtual summit was organized.
  • I2U2 is a grouping of four countries – India, Israel, the US & UAE. It was formed to cooperate on new projects
challenges for the fintech industry
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Challenges for the FinTech industry

  • FinTech (Financial technology) is helping in achieving financial inclusion by making financial services more accessible to an increasing number of people. But the fintech industry has several challenges to tackle.
What is FinTech:
  • FinTech companies use technology to improve
james webb telescope
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James Webb Telescope

  • In July 2022, NASA released the first set of images taken by the ‘James Webb Space Telescope’ (JWST).
James Webb Telescope:
  • Telescopes are sent into space to get a clearer view of the planets, stars, and galaxies. Telescopes can
gender gap
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Gender gap

  • In the latest ‘Global gender gap’ report 2022 published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), India ranked 135th out of 146 countries.
Reasons for the gender gap in India:
  • The report is made on four key dimensions – economic