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  • In March 2018, Telangana govt passed Private Universities Bill, allowing establishments of private universities in the state.
  • All the states of India except Goa, Kerala and Jammu & Kashmir allowed Private entities to setup universities.

Difference between College and University :-

  • In India, private colleges operate independently and should have affiliation to any university. Whereas universities should be recognized by UGC (University Grants Commission) and can have affiliated colleges under them.

Pros :-

  • Though Indian government is maintaining schools, colleges and universities, government’s primary responsibility is to provide primary education for all children under Right to Education (RTE) act. Hence Private universities will reduce the burden of government to provide higher education.
  • To sustain global competition, huge capital, resources and technology is needed. Government alone cannot afford to invest these things, hence private participation is necessary.
  • Establishment of private universities will create more employment opportunities.
  • Many government colleges and universities are not providing quality education. This fact is visible through the “Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings” 2018, in which only 3 Indian institutes are there in top 200 universities of the world. Hence through the establishment of private universities, atleast those who can afford the fee can get quality education.
  • Through establishment of more universities, competition leads to providing more quality education.

Cons :-

  • High tuition fees in Private universities is one of the biggest cons. This increases the inequality in access to quality education.
  • As people with power and money have access to good education, government tend to ignore govt universities.
  • There is high staff shortage and lack of basic infrastructure in government universities. Instead of allowing private hands, govt should improve the condition of govt universities.
  • Private universities tend to run courses that have market demand and may not continue some courses, in which a small percentage of students are interested.
  • Private universities do not have reservations for economically and socially disadvantaged groups.
  • There is no guarantee that private universities will provide quality education.
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Conclusion :-

Though private universities may increase inequality in accessing quality education, they are needed at present to enroll more students in higher education and to sustain global competition. However, improving the infrastructure and the quality of education in government universities is also must to eliminate the gap between the education that is available to rich and poor.

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1 Comment

  • Ranjeet Chakraborty, Apr 15, 2019 @ 2:29 am Reply

    Let us assume that why private colleges affiliated of government universities are allotted for reduces the burden of government university but in now days what we find in private colleges there are not just good quality education and and fees is very high.
    They are playing with the student future. Today what we see in competition at how much necessary required for a student to compete exam.
    After seeing the Today’s education system, coming students who are not interested for engineering and what we we found in 2 years abruptly change that very less students enrolled in engineering.
    Due to this meaning of the private colleges down their fees and somethinghow stop the the fees of faculties then how can they are interested to teach. That’s why faculties are leaving their old colleges for well income.
    I don’t know no where this stop. Every colleges affiliated government colleges universities has to be we discuss about this topic.

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