MBAs do not make good business leaders

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MBAs do not make good business leaders :-

  • MBA is a business administration degree for graduates that mainly refines the stratified business decision making along with marketing and operational analysis. With the rise in cut-throat competition especially in the business market, we need highly skilled leaders in firms. Not all MBA graduates could able to do this successfully.
  • DDI – (Dimensions Development International), a consulting firm came up with a new research that questions the qualifications of an MBA degree holder in its role as an affirmative leader. Mass participation of over 15,000 leaders from 18 countries over the past nine years was witnessed. Leadership skills including powerful communication, influence potential and inspiration excellence etc were compared to an undergraduate business degree against an MBA holder. The results weren’t surprising stating MBA grads may not always be the only choice.
  • Leadership spirit can be explicitly categorised as a raw trait which cannot be explained and instilled in anybody’s process of thinking. Such skills cannot be taught by professors inside classrooms and in turn, requires a lot of experience and expertise.
  • The curriculum and the educational procedure in any MBA institutes lack hands-on practice over live projects in order to train them and give them a chance to work on their leadership skills. Instead of focussing on the technical aspects of business marketing, development of leadership along with interpersonal skills is extremely important.
  • On one hand, MBA holds its superiority over all the existing business degrees offered by various colleges and institutions, it is also negatively termed as highly expensive attracting just a fraction of the entire world population who can afford the advanced fee structure. Thus, the complete usefulness of an MBA degree has always been a topic of discussions.
  • Popular leaders like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Dhirubhai Ambani have been the biggest role models for the business firms, do not hold any MBA degrees and have repeatedly proved to be one of the tops leaders of the world.

MBAs do make good business leaders :-

  • MBA programs are the best in shaping personality and behavioural skills, which are the most essential qualities of leaders.
  • Learning everything by practice consumes time. Through MBA, we can learn management skills and skills to tackle real-life problems in businesses.


It has been rightly said, “MBAs make good managers and not necessarily great leaders”. Hence it is not always necessary to spend huge money to impart this knowledge and can be excelled with proper guidance and correct approach. But the knowledge MBA gives is not that easy to learn by own. MBA is beneficial for career progress and to learn managerial skills.


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  1. In point of view the great leader don’t have MBA degree if that leader have MBA degree there will make more wonder and also every MBA degree holder should be have a managerial skills good communication skills

  2. In my point of view MBA program should provide practical knowledge not theoritical. Many institutions provides only theoritical not practical . How can a student become a good manager and leader without having any practical experience but this degree shapes your personality , behaviour and taught lots of business aspect . MBA degree provides great manager but not great leaders .

  3. MBA is provided to all business subjects for ex business analytics and entrepreneur subjects, this subjects is very helping for growth of business . And MBA provided to good leadership quality and management skills etc

  4. MBA shapes good management, Behavioral and Personality skills of an individual, It enriches the leadership qualities of a leader, but not only MBA can enriches it,,,,

  5. In my point of view, to beome a leader i don’t think so MBA can make you a leader, if you have guts and mind you can achieve or can be a leader by your own no degree is required for that or the person which have money can do MBA it teaches many mangement skills which will help in life to achieve one’s goal.

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