impact of reviews on consumer decisions
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Impact of reviews on consumer decisions

Points to speak:
  • Until recently, people used to buy things based on personal recommendations to reduce the risk factor and also to save time. Now, with so many reviews available online, customers are going through the reviews before the purchase.
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Ethical manager vs Effective manager

Ethics vs Effectiveness :- The clash between effectiveness and ethics is something that managers face almost regularly. Sometimes, choosing to be ethical can seem redundant, yielding no fruit. A compromise with ethics can lead to earlier completion of the goal…
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Technocrats should not become bureaucrats

The never-ending fight :- The fight between technocracy and bureaucracy has been in existence ever since the inception of these terms. Even today the two are always at loggerheads. Technocrats and their grievances :- To put the difference between technocrats…
role of MNCs in India
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Open economy – Role of MNCs in India

  • Multinational Corporations (MNC) operate in more than one country.
  • In 1991, India faced an economic crisis and to lift the country out of the crisis, the Indian government rolled out economic reforms, and hence openly opted for economic liberalisation.
roots & wings - gd topic
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Roots & wings – Abstract GD topic

Points to speak on this topic:
  • We can discuss how parents should raise their children.
    • Parents should explain boundaries but should allow children to be independent and to explore the world in their own way. You can add this quotation