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Should Fintech firms and Banks be collaborated?

In this age of transparency and digitization, Fintech firms and start-ups have been the major gainers. They are also emerging as strong players in the financial sector by offering personalised and transparent offers to the customers. By weakening the loyalty…
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Innovation vs Invention – What is more important?

In this modern era of extremely efficient and constantly advancing global world, for the continued profitability of a company, continuous Innovation is utterly important. But Innovation is the predecessor or outcome of invention, which forms the backbone of an organisation.…
Impact of technology on jobs
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Impact of Technology on jobs

  • Technology has made a number of traditional jobs redundant. For example, ATMs replaced some bank jobs. The new wave of technologies like automation and artificial intelligence is a threat to many jobs. There is an impact of technology on
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What is the biggest problem that India is facing?

India is facing many issues. Some of them are major issues and need immediate attention. However, we cannot pick one issue as the biggest problem of India. Because all the major issues are equally important and mostly interlinked. The following…
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The menace of Trolling

  • Online trolling and cyberbullying are increasing at a rapid pace, which is a worrying thing. Sometimes it is too severe that victims of trolling and cyberbullying are deciding to stay away from digital space.
Causes of Trolling:
  • People who