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The menace of Trolling

  • Online trolling and cyberbullying are increasing at a rapid pace, which is a worrying thing. Sometimes it is too severe that victims of trolling and cyberbullying are deciding to stay away from digital space.
Causes of Trolling:
  • People who
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Industrial Revolution 4.0

Theme :-
  • In October 2018, WEF (World Economic Forum) launched center for “Fourth industrial revolution” in Maharashtra, India.
  • Initially the center will work on Artificial Intelligence (AI), drones & Blockchain technology.
  • India is the fourth country after US, China &
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Markets are found not created

In favour of the argument (Markets are found not created):
  • Many times, markets are discovered. It is like filling the gaps – services will be created for the demand that exists already. For example, cab aggregator services (uber, ola etc.),
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Data is the new Oil

If this is your GD topic, here are some points to speak on this topic.
  • The countries who have oil turned into rich countries by selling it (Ex- Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc). Now, those who control data became the most
right to be forgotten
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Right to be forgotten

  • The first draft of India’s ‘Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018‘ is out in July 2018. BN Srikrishna’s committee took the responsibility to draft this bill. ‘Right to be forgotten‘ was also included in this draft of the bill.