the fall of facebook
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The Fall of Facebook

Theme :- The year 2018 was very rough for Facebook. More and more people are leaving Facebook in the wake of data scandal & security breaches. Reasons for the fall of Facebook :-
  • One of the most important reasons is
walls are dead
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Walls are dead – Abstract GD Topic

Points to speak on this topic:
  • A few decades before, there existed segregation walls to separate whites from blacks in some countries such as South Africa and also to separate some communities from other communities in India. Now, this kind
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Might is always right

This phrase describes that the people in power determine what is right or wrong, even if the outcomes aren’t favourable for everyone. It is generally used in a negative sense to mean that powerful people can convert their wrongs into…
universal basic income
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Universal Basic Income – Pros & Cons

Theme :-
  • Indian Government is likely to bring ‘Universal Basic Income scheme’.
Universal basic income (UBI) or basic income is a periodic cash payment that each citizen of a country or region is provided irrespective of his income, resources or…
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Should Aadhaar be made mandatory?

With the striking down of Section 57 of AADHAAR Act, Supreme Court has uplifted the AADHAAR requirement from various avenues while for some AADHAAR continues to be mandatory.This means of identification was initially introduced in the Indian Democratic System as…