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  • A few decades before, there existed segregation walls to separate whites from blacks in some countries such as South Africa and also to separate some communities from other communities in India. Now, this kind of segregation wall is almost dead.
  • On 9th November 1989, East Germans and West Germans together started demolishing the Berlin wall which divided them. The fall of the Berlin wall led to German reunification. Now, these kinds of walls that restricted people from moving to other countries are almost dead. Now anyone can migrate and live with dignity in other countries.
  • Humans constructed walls to keep others out even in ancient times. But with time, people started to imagine a borderless world. However, walls are not dead. Several countries have walls at borders. For example, US President Donald Trump tried hard to build a wall between US & Mexico to restrict immigrants from Mexico.
  • Though walls exist at borders, many of them are of no use considering the issue of illegal immigrants in many countries despite having border walls.
  • The concept of border walls may die soon because, with the technology proliferation, there will be no need for physical walls. For example, now Lidar sensor technology is being tested to spot intruders as an alternative to the border wall. This kind of system will be much cheaper and effective.

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