Freedom is a myth

freedom is a myth

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  • Everyone living in the democratic countries have political rights such as freedom of speech, freedom to choose their leaders and freedom in many other aspects of life. But still this freedom has limitations. Freedom of speech and expression is always at threat. People who have power decides whether the particular speech is ethical or not. If they think it is anti-government, they may term it as a cause of violence. We often see that many journalists are silenced and some of them even killed. The fact that those who raise voice against government or rulers are vulnerable make us doubt the freedom we have in expressing our thoughts. Hence freedom seems to be a myth.
  • Even in this 21st century in many societies, minorities and socially disadvantaged groups are vulnerable and are not in a situation to use their freedom in many aspects though legally they have the political rights.
  • We think that we have freedom to travel to any place and to live in the place of our choice. But in reality, there are boundaries among countries and several restrictions to settle in other place.
  • Though practically we have freedom to roam at any time, there are criminals in every society curtailing our freedom.
  • Even if you became an entrepreneur believing that it will give you more freedom and you will have no boss, you will be disappointed because you will have more bosses such as customers, investors etc.
  • Though we have a right to vote and thereby freedom to choose our leaders, in reality it is majoritarian decisions that prevail.
  • Most of the times, the freedom we have depends on the place where we born and brought up. And of course we do not have the freedom to choose where we born.
  • Artistic freedom is also have limitations even in this modern era. We have censorship on movies, books and on many other arts making us think that freedom is a myth.
  • Media and press do not have full freedom in general. Very often, their articles get influenced by their investors or the government or both.
  • We do not have freedom to end our own life. Though there is an option of euthanasia for those who are either terminally ill or in a vegetative state, people who have intense emotional pain and suffering and are unable to cope up with life are not allowed to die and are forced to live.
  • We have more freedom now than our ancestors. Recognizing freedom as a fundamental right was the first and most important step in any society. We do have freedom to choose our lifestyle, to follow a religion of our choice, to improve our social status, to choose our leaders and to become a leader etc. With time, we are exploring the idea of freedom. Hence freedom is not a myth. It is a reality. Freedom in any aspect should have limitations to prevent causing inconvenience to others.

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  1. According to me freedom is not a myth it’s real but the question is how much freedom we have got? We know we have got freedom in the year 1947 now we are living twenty first century we claim ourselves very modern we are thinking of globalization but every where the limitations. Yes India is the largest Democratic country everybody has right to cast their vote to choose their leader . But many places are there people they get afraid by the political cadre even they are not able to reach polling booth .so where is the freedom. We speak woman empowerment ., Woman everywhere but a woman may be she has no option , she to force to return to her house at midnight , it is not confirm she will be able to reach her house safely , any problem can happen even life in risk. We celebrate 8th March international woman’s day many organization arrange programs to give respect , prize etc but actually people change their mentality ? then could not have happened untoward incident rape , murdered , molestation etc so how much woman safe ? even work place also they are not safe people get chance they want to take advantage. So where is the freedom . We speak 100 percent literacy but many remote areas are there people don’t get food twice in a day they struggle for their livelihood , they forced to their children to work not to school because they can’t afford but we speak child labour is prohibited. Govt organisation some of the people they want to freely they are very good they want to take care the common people but their hands are tied by the political leaders they are not able to work . We see muscle man they do any wrong they can roam freely but victimize people don’t get justice. So where is the freedom ? We common people have to always think about our limitation.

  2. India got its freedom in 1947. But the question is- Is India really free. we still have a long way to go. India may have got its freedom from British. But it is not yet free in real sense. There exists poverty, corruption, malnutrition which are all social disasters.
    Another perspective to this topic would be that this is 21st century. And for women, freedom is still a myth. There still exists so many social evils like female infanticide, rapes and molestation’s going on all around.The me too movement proved that women are not free at any walk of life.

  3. Freedom is OK. But basic interest, dignity and rights of others to be ensured. One should know the limit and should not cross it in any way. Mental well-being and civic responsibility are essential.

  4. freedom is a myth:-
    In my opinion,freedom is something that allow someone to express /think/work freely without any interruption.
    in our society freedom is much centralized than western mostly women and children are bound to express their feeling due to conventional social this modern era freedom should not be corrupted by law as every person should have equal dignities,power,status to lead the country forward.
    But,when it comes to justice,implementation of laws,cultural matter then freedom should not be publicized and must be implemented by sovereign powers in the country.

    1. Well said! Some cultures limits the freedom to particular groups. Our efforts towards equality will be of help.

  5. those restrictions are there so that we and others can use their freedom in more sensible way….so to say freedom is myth might not be right.

  6. I believe that freedom is something that gives you utter pleasure and happiness but at the same time brings a sense of responsibility to you. If you are free, then you should also be responsible for your actions. For eg if your parents let you choose your own life partner, this freedom of choice also increases your responsibility of choosing a right life partner otherwise later on you’ll be blamed for the actions you took now.
    Therefore, I feel freedom does brings you the joy but with some pressure of responsibilities.

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