the world does not need religion group discussion
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The world does not need religion

Religions are a set of rules that guide individuals throughout their lives. And I strongly believe that they have served their purpose and we do not need them anymore.
  • As Yuval Noah Harari says “What we need now are morality
money is honey gd topic
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Money is honey

“Money is sweeter than honey” is a famous and self-explanatory quote. But is it really true? Money is often seen by everyone as a panacea. Being rich is often assumed to be equal to being happy and content. But had…
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Ethical manager vs Effective manager

Ethics vs Effectiveness :- The clash between effectiveness and ethics is something that managers face almost regularly. Sometimes, choosing to be ethical can seem redundant, yielding no fruit. A compromise with ethics can lead to earlier completion of the goal…
black vs grey
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Black or Grey – Abstract GD Topic

Points to speak on the topic – ‘Black or Grey’ GD topic:
  • Many people dye their grey hair with black colour because of the perspective of society on ageing. When we see so many advertisements every day that promote products
roots & wings - gd topic
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Roots & wings – Abstract GD topic

Points to speak on this topic:
  • We can discuss how parents should raise their children.
    • Parents should explain boundaries but should allow children to be independent and to explore the world in their own way. You can add this quotation