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Success – GD Topic

If this topic is given to you in Group Discussion, here are some ideas to speak on this topic.
  • There is no unique definition for success. It varies from person to person. Our own definition of success depends on what
freedom is a myth
Abstract GD Topics

Freedom is a myth

Here are some ideas to speak on abstract GD topic – “Freedom is a myth”.
  • Everyone living in democratic countries has political rights such as freedom of speech, freedom to choose their leaders and freedom in many other aspects of
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38+ Abstract GD topics 2024 (with Answers)

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door abstract gd topic
Abstract GD Topics

Door – Abstract GD Topic

A ‘Door’ has a literal meaning of a moving mechanism used to block off, and allow an entrance to an enclosed space such as a building, room or vehicle. A door, as simple it sounds, can have different meanings and…
Abstract GD Topics

Zero – Abstract GD Topic

Zero as a concept has been around since ancient times, popping up in Babylonian and Mayan inscriptions, when it was used to calculate the passage of the seasons. In today’s world, zero plays a big role unknowingly. Some of the…