If this topic is given to you in Group Discussion, here are some ideas to speak on this topic.

  • There is no unique definition for success. It varies from person to person. Our own definition of success depends on what our values, priorities and goals are.
  • For some people, becoming a singer is a success. For some others, starting and maintaining a business is a success. Some people define success as helping and uplifting others.
  • The definition of success varies in different areas of life too. For example, climbing up the corporate ladder maybe your definition of success in your career. Achieving ideal weight maybe your idea of success in health. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your parents may be your success in family life.
  • Asking yourself what success meant to you is very important because when we realise what we want we will go in that direction in life. Our choices in life will be in that path. Otherwise, our decisions will be directionless.
  • If we do not ask this question ourselves, we may end up going with society’s idea of success. Some people achieve something in their life and then realise that this is not what they want. For example, a person may feel like the IT industry is not their thing after climbing up the corporate ladder for 7 straight years.
  • When we strive for success, we should enjoy the journey too. The process should make you happy. Sometimes, the journey is a success itself. For example, if you are preparing for the Civil services exam, you have to study for at least 2 years. If you think only getting a rank is a success and if you feel like studying for it is a struggle, you will look back to those two years of your life as a waste of time.
  • Do not copy or duplicate other people’s success.
  • If you compare your success with others, you may end up as a failure even though if you have everything in your life. For example, you want to live a more luxurious life than your enemy. And then you buy Mercedes-Benz with all your savings. But on the next day, your enemy uploads the picture of his new Bugatti Veyron on social media. Will you be happy then? That is the reason your idea of success should be based on what makes you happy and not on someone else’s success.
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