Religions are a set of rules that guide individuals throughout their lives. And I strongly believe that they have served their purpose and we do not need them anymore.

  • As Yuval Noah Harari says “What we need now are morality and spirituality. Morality is about reducing suffering in the world. And spirituality is about questioning and looking for answers. Religions provide us just with answers and no scope of questions.”
  • According to the book Sapiens, “Humans do better than animals despite being physically less powerful than most of them is because of our ability to create and believe in myths. And those common myths develop trust and wider cooperation amongst us.” For example, human rights are not natural laws, they are not physical, they have been formed by humans (myths) to have a more organized world.
  • Religions started in the same manner and had a greater impact as they were not preached as laws made by humans but the laws given by a higher entity, which is the most powerful of all. These laws led to an organised kingdom, society, country following a hierarchy and a set of rules. Religions developed a common belief system which led to trust and cooperation.
  • In the past, every unknown thing was dealt with religious beliefs. But now Science & Technology has taken over everything. We know the reasons for drought, earthquakes, windstorms etc. they are a scientific phenomenon and not the wrath of gods anymore.
  • Religion has served its purpose of uniting people, setting up structures in society, developing trust and cooperation. But in the 21st century, we are thriving towards objective realities (Realities which exist no matter if people believe in them or not. For example – Gravitational Force, Evaporation etc.) and religion is an inter-subjective reality (Realities which will cease to exist if its believers change their beliefs or are dead). And now the only thing which it does is create differences in the world, brainwashes people, develops animosity for other beliefs and provides rituals that are just shortcuts to become a good person. (A Muslim may pray for 5 times a day; a Hindu may pray daily for hours in temples; a Christian may go to church every day, but still, be involved in immoral activities leading to the suffering of other humans).
  • At present and in future we need greater cooperation on an international level, to make this world a better place to live in. We need to encourage spirituality as now the spiritual questions are not just of philosophical importance but of practical and scientific importance.
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