Roots & wings – Abstract GD topic

Points to speak on this topic:

  • We can discuss how parents should raise their children.
    • Parents should explain boundaries but should allow children to be independent and to explore the world in their own way. You can add this quotation – “There are only two lasting things we can hope to give our children: one is roots & the other is wings“. Roots to keep them grounded and wings to set them free.
    • Roots are as important as wings. Balance is needed. Without wings, children will not explore the world and without roots, they will miss having a guiding force.
  • We can also discuss culture & traditions.
    • Each society establishes a certain set of rules on what is good and what is bad. Often culture involves the knowledge that is gained from many years. Culture helps in avoiding the mistakes that are already committed and proven wrong by our ancestors. It helps in saving time and stays with us like roots.
    • But as nothing is perfect, all cultures have some wrong notions imbibed in them. What is considered as wrong by a particular culture may not be actually wrong. Self-introspection happens when people explore other cultures and understand the different perspectives. To achieve this, one should have the liberty to interact with other cultures and to go beyond their limits.
    • In the era of globalisation, people of different cultures are living in the same city. Developed countries are turning into melting pots. And we can observe that many people who migrated to other countries keep their culture intact and will imbibe the culture of their host country to mingle with the people there.
  • Roots & wings can also be related to trees & birds and thereby to the ecosystem.
    • Deforestation is causing the loss of birds. And our cities are not friendly to bird species. Loss of habitat is causing the extinction of many species.
  • We can also discuss the homeland and host land (the country to which we migrated).
    • When people migrate to another country, sometimes they feel alienated. While utilising the opportunities worldwide, connection to homeland helps them psychologically and thereby to stay at peace.

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