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  • Until recently, people used to buy things based on personal recommendations to reduce the risk factor and also to save time. Now, with so many reviews available online, customers are going through the reviews before the purchase.
  • Ads are made by companies themselves. Even though good ads boost sales, people may not believe totally what the ad says, because in general ads exaggerate the benefits of the product. But they believe other consumers because they have no need to lie. And they reveal how much beneficial the product is and what problems they faced if any. That’s why reviews have a great impact on consumer decisions.
  • If any product has all the positive reviews, consumers may think that they are paid reviews. If it has at least a few negative reviews, the reviews look authentic.
  • People are least likely to buy a product that has zero or very few reviews. That means it is either a new product or not many bought it to write reviews. So, consumers do not want to take the risk by buying them. In some cases, many customers bought the product but didn’t write a review. Asking the customers to write the review can make them write it. And thereby the simple request can increase the sales to a great extent.
  • Reviews with photos of the received products increase the trust factor. So, asking customers to attach photos helps to increase sales.
  • Consumers may not trust reviews on the company’s website. They believe the reviews that are written on other authentic websites. For example, when purchasing products, people read reviews on e-commerce sites and not on company’s websites, because there are high chances of writing fake reviews on their own websites.
  • Reviews with replies from the company itself can have a positive impression on the product and the company. Replies to reviews, especially the negative ones and promising to fix the issue and actually doing it can help in gaining consumers confidence.
  • Negative reviews affect the business a lot. But they also offer great feedback to improve the product. So, utilizing them to the advantage and modifying the product, and doing the damage control by replying to the reviews and fixing their issues can help the sales. Consumers are most likely to rely on recent reviews. So, if the new modified product is really beneficial, many positive reviews will follow.
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Reviews have a great impact on consumer decisions. Asking the customers to leave the review helps in getting many reviews, and when it comes to reviews quantity matters. Replying to reviews especially the negative ones and fixing the problems they got can increase trust in the company.

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