• COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the rise of E-learning. This situation led to debates on whether e-learning is a good alternative to classroom learning.

Pros of E-learning:

  • Due to COVID-19 pandemic, students are not able to attend schools and colleges. Even in this situation, they didn’t stop learning. This was possible due to the e-learning option.
  • A few girl children and differently-abled children are not attending schools/colleges due to lack of facilities there. E-learning is a boon for them.
  • E-learning gives flexibility. Even if we miss any class, we can listen to it later.
  • Students can repeat the lesson many times if they didn’t understand the concepts.
  • Through e-learning, teachers can explain the concepts using animations or other technologies, so that students can understand the concepts much clearly.

Challenges of E-learning:

  • In the classroom, students will not only learn the subject but also interacts with other students and thereby make friends. Classroom influences the overall personality development of students. With e-learning, students will be deprived of this opportunity.
  • As students have to look at screens continuously, it can strain their eyes.
  • With e-learning, teachers may not be able to focus on all the students, which will be possible in the classroom. Teachers may not also understand whether students could grasp the concept or not.
  • The classroom environment is lively in nature, whereas sitting in front of a computer or smartphone to listen to the classes will be boring.
  • Even in this 21st century, some people do not have internet facility. So, e-learning deepens the inequality between rich and poor.
  • E-learning may not create as much seriousness as classroom learning. So, students may not be motivated enough to listen to the class.
  • Not all parents are technologically educated to help their children in case of any issues.
  • If the device has other apps such as youtube, students may become distracted. Several students are already suffering from smartphone addiction. So, parents may not feel safe to leave the children unsupervised.
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E-learning is super beneficial for students as well as teachers, especially in this COVID-19 pandemic situation. But it cannot be a sustainable alternative to classroom learning. It can only be used as a supplement. Moreover, internet access should be available to all, so that every student can utilize this opportunity.

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  • Ritika Bhatia, Mar 18, 2023 @ 7:18 pm Reply

    Yes E-learning is a very good option because most of the students don’t have the facilities to go to school and study but from covid 19 pandemic E- learning is the best in this way all students have the equal education not be partiality in education.

  • S Nivedhitha, Jan 20, 2022 @ 8:41 pm Reply

    According to me, E-Learning has both advantages and disadvantages. E-learning has facilities to learn and gain knowledge at our own time. We can repeat the video if we don’t understand the concepts as they are recorded. So it is helpful for many students. India is not a developed country. not everyone can afford for e-learning. As of 2021, 6% of the population is living in extremely poverty level. What about them? Those people need educations too. they would have went to school at free of cost. because of this they were forced to buy mobile and give connection to internet. so for many people it is helpful but not for everyone. physical contact is required for learning. e-learning doesnt help in improving the communication skills like it does in person. communication skills are required. online and offline both can be provided for the students. offline helps the students to interact and they will come to know how to behave and understand people. management can provide mobile or laptops to the students who are living below poverty level. so that they can conduct both online and offline. through online they can learn at own pace. through offline they can interact and communicate with other students. even after pandemic and every thing comes back to normal, schools and colleges and other learning centers can provide both online and offline mode of education. while taking offline mode of education they can record and send it to students so that they can watch it if they dont understand the concept clearly. in conclusion, whatever you take there is going to be both advantage and disadvantage. so learning is required in life and personal contact is required for better communication skills. both are necessary. for below poverty, management or schools can provide them and help them out. this is just my opinion and view

  • Anu, May 13, 2021 @ 5:25 pm Reply

    According to me E learning is really helpful. In this present pandemic situation people are trying hard to survive. In these kind of situation students are unable to attend college so they can still learn and can use the time in a productive way by utilising E learning. To students who are physically challenged these kinds of platforms are most prominent. Even though students from village area don’t have internet access all the time they can watch it later. Because E learning is providing facility that students can watch any class n number of times until they Understand it.I conclude that E learning is very much needed in this pandemic situation

    • Rakesh Behera, May 25, 2021 @ 7:51 pm Reply

      I agree with your views but there is nowhere mentioned about the pandemic. You have to write your views not only on the basis of the situation the world is facing now but also keeing a eye on the every kind of situation.

  • Rutuja Utture, Mar 10, 2021 @ 9:59 am Reply

    E learning is beneficial platform but upto some extend only. Offline classroom plays an important role in developing students personality. Interaction between classmates is not possible in case of online learning

    • Team GD Ideas, Mar 17, 2021 @ 7:53 am Reply

      Right, Rutuja. Classroom learning has its own advantages, which e-learning cannot provide.

  • Ambika, Mar 2, 2021 @ 8:48 am Reply

    According to me online platform is good for student they can study easily and same Alot of own time.and utilise this time for learning online courses.which is beneficial for growth their knowledge and through this grap the end I would like to say we are the creator and controller of this technology it depand on us how to use in an effective way.

  • vidhi parekh, Feb 16, 2021 @ 1:07 pm Reply

    E-learning has proved to be very beneficial for all the students during these tough time. It has helped the students to continue with their studies and not to compromise on it . However there has also been many challenges which both students and teachers faced during their online sessions.
    For many students it was difficult to pay attention and concentrate on what is going on in the lecture because at home there are many people and some or the other person may disturb you by again and again coming in your room or asking you for your help in their matters. So this might break the flow of their studies. Students also lacked motivation to study because there was lack of interaction
    Now for teachers it was a task to manage the students and maintain the discipline similar to the classroom. Kudos to all the teachers as they managed to learn the technology so their students don’t have to compromise on their studies and waste their entire year. However teachers also faced may disturbances during their lectures and technological hacks which they managed quite calmly.
    Lastly, e-learning has proved to be very useful in these tough times but it cannot replace the quality and interactive classroom teaching .It can sometimes be used asa medium of teaching in some situations but it cannot permanently repace the classroom teaching

  • Nitin kumar, Jan 12, 2021 @ 10:13 am Reply

    As we know that education is the basis on any nation and in present time without education a person cannot proper live in our society . And you get two type of education first is online/E-learning education and second is offline education. And both are good and both are bad. In offline education parents have no fear their children study and provide education is only responsibility for children by the school. But in online /E-learning education this is responsibility parents and they focus on their children activities that their children are read or not.
    In online education teacher cannot focus on students activities and many students are going wrong sides and they divert their study but in offline education teacher able to focus on every children activities. So offline education is good .
    And offline education is good because in online education less interaction among the student to student and student to teacher . But in offline education interaction is high among the student to student and student to teacher.
    And in online education the children get any education at home any time any where .If you miss the any class you can see free time .and in online education if you don’t understand the any topic in one time so you can repeat when you understand it .

  • rohit kumar yadav, Jan 5, 2021 @ 8:40 am Reply

    E-Learning is the best mode of education because in India most of the society don’t give permission to their girls to go outside from their home so, with the help of e-Learning they can lean and developed their skills and fulfil their dream. most of the disabled children cannot attend the schools and colleges but they can take their proper education with the help of online learning.

  • Swara, Jan 1, 2021 @ 10:05 pm Reply

    Yes I agree by e-learning

    • SANDEEP KUMAR, Dec 27, 2021 @ 4:59 pm Reply

      According to me online education is good as an alternative but it should not be used as replacement of offline education. Although online education has many benefits because there are more choice to choose teacher and trainers from all over the world. There are facilities of videos as live and recorded form. We can access our course any time any where, as per our convenience. The videos can be made more interesting and easy to learn with the help of visualisation and animations and using technologies available to explain complicated things more easily.
      But on the others hand there are cost of Electronics devices and Internet. Here the problem will be faced by students who can’t afford it.
      Online classes are not much active because we use here electronics device, which are not good. I think here it lacks because in offline classes we can interact physically and mentally. It gives more live and activeness.
      Online classes are making students lazy today? Their creativity and social awareness are less.

      So conclusion is the we should use both as combination to get a effective benefits.

      Thanks for reading my thoughts.

  • Swara, Jan 1, 2021 @ 10:04 pm Reply

    I think that e-learning is benificial because we comes to know about new functions of the device, we also save our time as we are not able to join so after sometime we can see the replay of the class
    It also insure safety from comfort to home during this pandemic situation although it is overcomed its important to follow safety rules.

  • surander kumar, Dec 30, 2020 @ 1:19 am Reply

    i am againest of e-learning because the students of outskirts village whose parents are not aware of technology their children make them foolish and do not give focus on study.

    • Prince, Jan 9, 2021 @ 12:01 pm Reply

      I agree !

  • Rishabh, Dec 27, 2020 @ 12:41 pm Reply

    E learning is better in this situation of covid-9.
    Some new reforms will helpfull to improve in education field. If you are serious with your study than it can be a good option for you.

  • Rishabb, Dec 27, 2020 @ 12:40 pm Reply

    E learning is better in this situation of covid-9.
    Some new reforms will helpfull to improve in education field. If you are serious with your study than it can be a good option for you.

  • Ayush, Dec 24, 2020 @ 2:49 pm Reply

    From ancient times in India the practise of going school is there but due to devlopment of science e-learning also become common acc. to me Classroom study is better than e-learning bcoz doubt is clear at the moment and student learn social values and a personal attention on every student

  • Davil, Dec 7, 2020 @ 8:06 pm Reply

    I agree with you but many town remain in india there donot have any facility of internet connection.

    • Mohneesh Singh Yadav, Jan 6, 2021 @ 10:07 pm Reply

      Right. And some time financial conditions also don’t allow to get net

  • Davil, Dec 7, 2020 @ 7:57 pm Reply

    I agree with all but e learning is beneficial for ppor students becoz they can not afford classroom fees

  • Aayushi Prakash, Sep 5, 2020 @ 2:17 am Reply

    One of the benefit of e- learning is that it saves the time of going to and coming back from classes, this is one good thing. A serious student who will save his/her time here can use it for doing some other important tasks.

  • anya, Aug 26, 2020 @ 10:09 pm Reply

    according to my opinion, In online learning students face a lot of problem due to the slow internet.they do not understand the subject properly and interaction between teacher and student is very less. in online classes, students join the class and they do whatever they want.their is not discipline in online class.they are just wasting their time and teachers time too,

  • Shreyansh, Aug 13, 2020 @ 2:32 pm Reply

    Yes, I think the overall growth of the children would be obstructed due to e-learning platform, but it does offer portability and safety.

    • Team GD Ideas, Aug 19, 2020 @ 9:37 am Reply

      Right! E-learning is quite helpful as a supplement.

  • Devyani Kulkarni, Jul 16, 2020 @ 10:39 am Reply

    It is observed that the retention rate of student during online class is 25-60% more than classroom system.
    We need to work on more secure infrastructure to overcome the overuse and misuse of online systems affecting the students.
    E-learning is already imbibed in urban culture, some private firms to name a few like BYJUS, Unacademy have set up the platforms. To bridge the gap of digital divide the starting point of development should hit the bottom most rock of Indian society and grow there on wards.
    Surely, the pandemic has proved to be catalyst in shaping Indian education

  • Yashwant Singh, Jul 11, 2020 @ 2:20 pm Reply

    While teaching online, teachers have only options to provide assignment to students in the form of pdf or word , so this helps to minimise the use of paper .

  • Swaraj Sundriyal, Jul 11, 2020 @ 11:52 am Reply

    Technology can be boon or bane depending upon its use and e-learning is no exception.In tough times like this we can use e-learning to give children uninterrupted education.we can save their precious time unless their year will be wasted,but at the same time we have to ensure the parity in access to e-learning which can’t be done without support of government.Definitely e-learning can’t subsitute classroom learning but that doesn’t undermine its utility

    • Suraj Singh, Jul 12, 2020 @ 5:49 pm Reply

      1. E- learning mainly focuses on theory portion not on practical study. Without practical work study is nothing. Practical gives clear picture on important topics mainly in science . That’s why it focuses on theory not on practical.
      2. E- learning lacks basic infrastructures for poor students, they have no devices like smartphones, laptop, tablet etc. Major population of the Indian students are below poverty lines who can’t afford these devices. Also they can’t afford internet data because it is costly ( *many children go to bed without night meal).
      3. Teacher’s do not pay proper attention on every students.
      4. Also students can’t get proper attention on study they lack concentration because there is network issues and so on.
      5. Many students in India don’t know about e- learning or they are not tech savvy ; they don’t know how to deal with this(* because elementary education is in India is not on global standards ).

  • Mandeep Singh, Jul 9, 2020 @ 11:22 am Reply

    Yes, e-learning can be beneficial if the internet facility become improve in small towns so that each and every student take the advantage from e learning platform.
    The most important thing is that schools and colleges should help the poor and background students by providing them some facilities such as giving PC’s so they aslo get advance knowledge .

    • Kuldeep, Dec 29, 2020 @ 12:17 pm Reply

      E-Learning is not a new concept but it emerged as a boon for students to continue their study in the current pandemic situation.
      Yes E-Learning has it’s own advantages such as providing the knowledge at the home without moving other place. Students are safe at the home and learning is continuing, their time is also utilized effectively, they can revise the topic due to its online availability.

      But still there are some cons in the eLearning system.
      For the eLearning one has to need internet facilities, good mobile, laptop, tablets and required electricity but in India there lots of place where electricity is not available and in case yes then for a limited time. There is a large fraction still belonging to under poverty and middle class, they are struggling for food so how they can mange these extra expense. Even old teachers also not aware about this new technology and they are not still comfortable with it so there way of teaching also got affected and they are not able to pick the students that how much they are learning in the class.

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