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In India, the craze for the admissions in the good reputed engineering and medical colleges has made the competition so tough that it made parents do anything for that. With the growing competition, parents want their children to become doctors or engineers. Parents are easily lured by the advertisements of the coaching institutes as they sell the dream of guaranteed success and parents easily get away with it.

Nowadays coaching’s have become a lifeline for every student, it has become more like a status symbol for some people to get admitted in well-reputed coaching institutes.  In the rush of getting admission in the coaching institutes, parents often forget the natural skills of their child. They often neglect the passion or dreams of their children and force them to get good marks in the entrance exams.

More and more children are getting attracted towards these coaching institutes and getting away from the school teachings.  As students are already worried about their uncertain future and their parents also don’t show the trust in them and coaching centers take advantage of this fear and charge them with thousands and lakhs of rupees.

This has led to the mushrooming of coaching centers all over the cities, metros or districts shows the trend of students opting for coaching classes apart from the regular education.

Yes :-

  • Coaching centers destroy the inbuilt capability of the child and make students dependent for each and everything on them.
  • They spoon-feed each and everything to the students which kills their creativity and breaks their confidence.
  • Coaching center charge a large amount of money from the students which is not possible to pay for every student thus enlarging the gap between the rich and poor.
  • These institutes have turned education into business, with the aim to make money and getting distracted from their path i.e.; EDUCATION.
  • The students who opt for self-study become more self-dependent and also helps to enhance their knowledge level.
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No :-

  • Coaching center conducts the mock test paper and class test paper and provides updated study material for the nourishment of the student.
  • A student has no idea about the exam they are appearing for, they need proper guidance and exam pattern and shortcut methods to solve the questions in less time which is provided by coaching institutes.
  • The teachers in coaching centers tell the important and less important topics, section wise solving methods and also provide them with notes which are very helpful for the students.
  • The coaching also helps prepare the students to face interviews and group discussions which are very helpful for the students in the near future.
  • The coaching centers also provide the distance learning programs and corresponding classes also which are a lot cheaper than the regular classes.
  • The inability of government and other private schools to provide the good quality of education is responsible for the increase in the commercial institute, which provides good quality education.

Conclusion :-

Many experts believe that education is a natural process of learning, for regular and attentive students coaching is not really required.

Whether to join a coaching or not is individual’s decision. For a good student with good learning capabilities and grasping power it is easy to prepare at home with school education but someone who is not so strong in these capabilities coaching center’s play an important role as they also provide some guidance and help.

There is number of factors that need to be considered before selecting the coaching center i.e.; the quality and experience of the teachers. Along with that the success rates and academic performance should also be considered.

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However, with the growing competition, coaching’s or private tuitions have become a necessity. But it can be eliminated if schools raise their quality of education and students should also focus on self-study which is more beneficial.

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