Causes of student suicides :-

  • What is causing them to suicide –
    • Pressure in studies.
    • Family problems
    • Physical & mental Illnesses.
    • Drug addiction.
    • Love failures.
    • Financial problems.
    • Failure in exams.
    • Unemployment.
    • Unable to adjust to the college’s culture.
    • Self-deprecating.
    • Depression.
    • Loneliness.
    • Physical & mental abuse.
  • But the underlying causes are different. They are –
    • Lack of support from colleges in the times of distress.
    • High expectations of society.
    • Rote learning in our education system is making the college education dull, boring and purposeless.
    • Rigid structure of the syllabus & no freedom to skip the subjects.
    • Unbearable emphasis on marks.
    • Mental illnesses are still a taboo subject in India.
    • Incentivising competition and comparison between students.
    • Mechanical lifestyle.
    • Lack of importance to mental health in India.
    • Low budget allocation on mental health.
    • Violence and politics in college campuses.
    • India has 6000 certified psychologists approximately. That means less than 1 psychologist for every 2 lakh people.

Facts :-

  • India has one of the ‘world’s highest suicide rates among youth’.
  • According to Assocham survey, 72% of the students in India don’t know how to handle pressure.
  • 71% of the students have broken relationships with friends & family.
  • Earlier, on an average societal pressure used to start from 19 years age, but now it is reduced to 14 years.

Steps taken :-

  • University Grants Commission (UGC) ordered all universities to establish counselling centers equipped with certified psychologists.
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Some of the Best practices worldwide :-

  • ‘University of West Georgia’ trains teachers to support students as psychologists. If the problem is serious, students are sent to college’s counselling center.
  • ‘University of California’ has ‘Mind Spa’. It helps students in many ways including audio & video classes, head massages.
  • ‘New Jersey Institute of Technology’ conducts special classes for drug addicts & Love failures. It even takes the help of expert psychologists in the city & bears the total expenses by itself.

Conclusion :-

We need to concentrate on the deep rooted problems, such as societal pressure and the loopholes in the education system. Every college needs a counselling center and friendly environment.

Students must be taught about the possible problems in life and the ways to deal with it. Emotional strength should be emphasized more than studies.

Afterwords :- What is your opinion on this topic. Express your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • vaibhav, Feb 8, 2024 @ 3:42 pm Reply

    according to me student suicide increasing day by day is the major problem in our country in my point of view the problem of suicide because of lack of knowledge about the first priority of our life. in present days parents have no time for children parents does’t know that children what actually want from our side money and facilities are secondary but the most important is time. spent some time with your child. and know about your child that what he actually want from your side.
    second factor which i consider is social networking which is very harmful to all the children’s who are in the age group of between 3 to 18 year. at this stage students mind is very flexible and sensitive. according to me most of the students take pressure of study i think study is the small part of our life it is not a life. as usual to earn money it is also a part of life.

  • Subham kumar singh, Aug 23, 2020 @ 4:05 pm Reply

    As the right point is being talked, i would like to thank the organizer to bring good topic on the table. I would like to state the problem is more attributed to the Eco-System we have : 1) IN which we try setting targets for children.
    2) We try deciding their carrier. 3) considering only Education not giving focus on other activities. 4) During trying times, we Don’t continue our bond. 5) The Comparison between our children with the one of relative and other persons. 6) At least 3-4 months before and leading up to the date of declaration of result, we should be in constant touch with them. 7) Psychology subject to be made compulsory for students from 6th standard to 9th. 8) inequality to be reduced at full tilt.
    A very warm thank to readers of this write-up.

  • Tinku paul, Feb 21, 2018 @ 7:24 am Reply

    According to me student suicide increasing day by day , because of unable to take pressure whatever it is. They are not able to disclose anybody. They don’t get environment in their house as well as their school or college. Parents are busy , most of the cases both are working as well as teachers are professional. If parents should make them understand and friendly relation with their children ,then they can disclose , if somebody disclose their problem and somebody they will take care and sympathies ,then student will get relief, teenage mind is very flexible ,i.e. they take wrong decision. So counseling is very essential.

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