Causes of student suicides :-

  • What is causing them to suicide –
    • Pressure in studies.
    • Family problems
    • Physical & mental Illnesses.
    • Drug addiction.
    • Love failures.
    • Financial problems.
    • Failure in exams.
    • Unemployment.
    • Unable to adjust to the college’s culture.
    • Self-deprecating.
    • Depression.
    • Loneliness.
    • Physical & mental abuse.
  • But the underlying causes are different. They are –
    • Lack of support from colleges in the times of distress.
    • High expectations of society.
    • Rote learning in our education system is making the college education dull, boring and purposeless.
    • Rigid structure of the syllabus & no freedom to skip the subjects.
    • Unbearable emphasis on marks.
    • Mental illnesses are still a taboo subject in India.
    • Incentivising competition and comparison between students.
    • Mechanical lifestyle.
    • Lack of importance to mental health in India.
    • Low budget allocation on mental health.
    • Violence and politics in college campuses.
    • India has 6000 certified psychologists approximately. That means less than 1 psychologist for every 2 lakh people.

Facts :-

  • India has one of the ‘world’s highest suicide rates among youth’.
  • According to Assocham survey, 72% of the students in India don’t know how to handle pressure.
  • 71% of the students have broken relationships with friends & family.
  • Earlier, on an average societal pressure used to start from 19 years age, but now it is reduced to 14 years.

Steps taken :-

  • University Grants Commission (UGC) ordered all universities to establish counselling centers equipped with certified psychologists.
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Some of the Best practices worldwide :-

  • ‘University of West Georgia’ trains teachers to support students as psychologists. If the problem is serious, students are sent to college’s counselling center.
  • ‘University of California’ has ‘Mind Spa’. It helps students in many ways including audio & video classes, head massages.
  • ‘New Jersey Institute of Technology’ conducts special classes for drug addicts & Love failures. It even takes the help of expert psychologists in the city & bears the total expenses by itself.

Conclusion :-

We need to concentrate on the deep rooted problems, such as societal pressure and the loopholes in the education system. Every college needs a counselling center and friendly environment.

Students must be taught about the possible problems in life and the ways to deal with it. Emotional strength should be emphasized more than studies.

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