Private Educational Institutions – Good or Bad?

In Favor:-

  • Through privatization, quality of education will be good.
  • It’s difficult for govt. to maintain all schools and colleges. So, it’s better to give some responsibility to private people.
  • Students will become familiar with competitive world.
  • Some private institutes recommends their students for the jobs in companies.

In Against:-

  • Poor people can’t afford the fee in private institutes.
  • Some Private institutes making students to just byheart the subjects for good scores.
  • Even middle class people can’t afford private higher education. It leads to decrease in no. of higher professionals in India.
  • Without enough knowledge, some people are buying seats in private institutions which results in inefficient professionals such as doctors and engineers without knowledge.
  • Most of the private institutes concern about quick profits.


In Govt. institutes, quality of education should be improved. Through privatization, quality of education will be good because of competition between private colleges/schools. Privatization of education will be good if the fee is reasonable. Government should control the fee in private schools/colleges.

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