Let us compare the roles of a soldier and a teacher.

Soldier :-

  • Guards the country against external threats.
  • In order to continue his job effectively, he has to stay away from his home, family for prolonged periods of time.
  • He may have to serve in a desert where the temperature may soar up to 55 degree Celsius or at 22,000 feet at -40 degree Celsius.
  • He risks his life, whenever the need be. For a soldier safety of his countrymen comes first, then the safety of his boys and his own safety comes last.

Teacher :-

  • Has the responsibility to teach children.
  • Children go to schools/colleges throughout their learning age, and the attitude of teachers towards their students and profession shapes the future of those students.
  • Are responsible for shaping the future of the country.

Conclusion :-

Out of many reasons that India is still a developing country, one of the main reasons is lack of education. Research and data have shown that no country in this world has ever prospered without education or lack of basic healthcare facilities.

There are 23 countries in the world which do not have an army but there is no country in the world which can exist without schools.

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