Background :-

  • In the past few years, we witnessed a major change in the world with the advancement of technology. Education sector is no exception to this.
  • The way children are taught and the way of interaction between students and teachers was changed a lot with the progress in Technology.

Major changes we witnessed :-

  • Distance education was totally redefined. Online classes bridged the gap between regular and distance education.
  • Many apps, blogs and websites are helping students as well as teachers and changed the definition of formal education.

Positive Side :-

  • With the help technology, now students are learning concepts crystal clear.
  • Online courses increased the access of education and bridged the gap of quality levels among countries. Now, anyone can do any course from any college around the world.
  • With the availability of vast knowledge in the internet, students are clarifying their doubts and can increasing their scope of learning.
  • Those traditional boring classrooms are replaced by the interesting video lessons with the help of technology.
  • Teachers around the world are now collaborating and learning the best methods of education from one another.

Negative Side :-

  • Present Generation students have a lot of things to do, and have a lot of way to learn. This can create unnecessary pressure, confusion and stress in them. We are now witnessing mental health problems in students too.
  • People are now relying on the ready available information, instead of referring to the standard books written by experts.
  • Traditional method of teaching imparts discipline in students.
  • With increasing virtual communication, some students are developing social phobia.
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Situation in India:-

  • India is not fully utilizing the technological advancement in education sector. Though a large section of India is benefited, still a section of Indian population is not enjoying the fruits of technology in the field of education.
  • There exists between the quality of education in Private institutes and Public educational institutions.


Technology has revolutionized education. It has improved the access and efficiency of learning. But still India has a long way to go to increase its literacy levels and to spread the benefits of technology.

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