Yes – College should be free for everyone:

  • When college education is free, the number of graduates will drastically increase. At present, many people do not have access to higher education. So many students are not joining colleges due to the financial status of their parents. Free education will be very helpful for them.
  • At present, the rich are getting richer and poor people are getting poorer. A free college education will reduce social inequality too because as everyone can study and learn the skills in college, everyone will have an equal opportunity to settle in the career of their choice.
  • Some students are taking education loans to study and then they have to work hard to repay their loans. Many people are forced to take up jobs immediately after college to repay loans. But with free education, they will have the liberty in career choices like choosing a job or becoming entrepreneurs or experimenting with gigs etc.
  • There is a shortage of skilled workers in many countries. When the college education is free, this problem will be solved.


  • At present, private investments in education led to improvement in the quality of education. Without the commercialisation of education, the quality of education may not improve much.
  • Students may take free education for granted.
  • Unemployment in skilled workers may increase.
  • There will be little or no value for graduates because anyone can easily become a graduate.
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Even though there are some cons, a free college education enables more people to join college. It can drastically increase the number of graduates in the country. Moreover, a free college education has the potential to reduce social inequalities.

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