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  • Recently, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple expressed his opinion that a 4 year degree in programming is not necessary to excel at coding.
  • In general, some jobs demand a degree that is related to the job. For example, jobs in medical field and legal industry require a degree in the respective fields.
  • Should it be the same for IT jobs? Or should the recruiters consider the skills instead of a degree in programming?

In Favor :-

  • Any skill can be learned and mastered even if we do not have a degree in that. And programming is no exception.
  • Even if someone has a graduation in IT, they have to learn so many things to get into the IT job, because there is a gap between the industrial standards and the skills that are taught in the Engineering colleges. Moreover, as the technology is constantly evolving, even if someone has prepared themselves for the industrial standards in their graduation, they have to learn the new technologies continuously to stay relevant in the job market. So, as the learning curve will be there even for the IT students, students from the Non-IT background can also learn these things and can get into the IT jobs.
  • The number of IT jobs is increasing at a rapid rate due to the tech revolution. So, there will be more jobs in the IT field. And if the recruiters are very strict about the degree, they may miss a large pool of talent, who are of the Non-IT background. 
  • Now, we have so many online course platforms through which we can learn almost any skill from the experts. We can also get certificates if we pass the tests. So, as Tim Cook said a 4 year degree seems old and traditional. 
  • People switch careers even after working in one field for several years because our interests do changeSo, when someone can do this while having so many personal responsibilities, it is much easier for youngsters to learn a new skill. 
  • In many of the India’s engineering colleges, we can easily pass the subjects even if do not have much knowledge in those subjects. That is the reason many companies are not able to find suitable talent even if there are so many eligible graduates. So, the willingness to become an expert in the field is more important than a degree. 
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Against :-

  • Achieving excellence in anything takes time. Through graduation, students gain so much knowledge in the relevant field. So, it’s easier for employers to train these students for the industrial requirements.
  • Even though the new programming languages are replacing the old ones, the basic concepts are same for almost all the programming languages. So, the one who has a degree in coding will have an advantage over the student from Non-IT background.
  • If a student from Non-IT background chose to start a career in the IT field, the efforts they put in the graduation will go in vain.
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Conclusion :-

Zeal to learn new things is much more important than a degree, so anyone can become an expert at coding. And hence, students from the Non-IT background should be allowed to get into IT jobs.

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  • Abha Shivhare, Sep 14, 2019 @ 9:23 am Reply

    IT student or Non-IT if don’t have basic knowledge of their subjects they can’t work further.
    Before becoming a coder one need clear his/her fundamentals clear over any of the language that they are choose as for coding because is not that much difficult it’s just a syntax the only that you know about language and afterwards you need the logic and that only be able to achieve if you have clear your fundamentals .

  • Mohneesh Singh Yadav, May 24, 2019 @ 12:30 pm Reply

    In it company it necessary to have skill rather than having degree.Bill gates once said that 95 percent engineers are non employable means they don’t have enough knowledge to be recruited for company. So any one should be selected in it department on the basis of their skill not on degree.

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