Theme :-

  • Military training is compulsory in some countries including North Korea, Norway & Israel.

Pros of compulsory military training :-

  • Compulsory military training helps to form a reserve force which can be of help during the times of war & natural calamities.
  • It also transforms people for good. Military training makes people humble, disciplined and matured.
  • It instils a sense of patriotism.
  • Compulsory military training can also make people stronger physically & emotionally.
  • It promotes equality because people of all classes will be trained in the same manner. This inturn makes people feel united despite having class differences.
  • The threat of terrorist attacks is much higher now than before. So compulsory military training helps in such cases. People can protect themselves and are able to protect those who are in need as well.
  • If anyone want to declare war against India, they will think twice considering the large pool of reserved forces.

Cons of compulsory military training :-

  • India is a democratic country, and hence forcing people to undergo military training is against to the democratic spirit of our nation.
  • Not everyone is interested to be in reserve forces. Some people have family responsibilities and do not afford to lose time to training. Forcing uninterested people is against to morality. And some people are sole bread winners for their families. Forcing them to take part in war is unethical considering the situation of the family in case of death.
  • Some people do not have enough strength to participate in such intense trainings. They may seem normal from outside but may have mental illnesses. Military trainings can be emotionally and physically daunting for them. In such cases compulsory trainings will be a threat to their life.
  • Most of the reserve force will not be utilized, which means huge amounts of expenditure on trainings will go in vain.
  • Those who are forced to be in reserved force may not work well in times of need, because it’s not voluntary.
  • In some countries, military training is compulsory for all and in some other countries it is compulsory for only men. Considering the situation in India, if the compulsory training is imposed, it will be done so only for men. This is very discriminatory for men.
  • Hurting or injuring other people is against to the moral values and religious beliefs of some people. Involving them in such programs causes emotional trauma for them.
  • Even if everyone is trained, they may not be able to take part in military operations like professionals. They may forget the skills with time because of lack of practice. This results in low quality reserve force.
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Conclusion :-

Compulsory military training may not be accepted in a country like India, because of the democratic spirit in Indians. Instead the reserve force can be formed by strengthening NCC (National Cadet Corps), which is open to schools and colleges on a voluntary basis.

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