fight against terrorsim
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India’s fight against Terrorism | Pulwama Terror attacks

Theme :–
  • On 14th Feb 2019,  a suicide bomber rammed his vehicle filled with 350 kg of explosives into a convoy of security forces in Pulwama distrcit. 40 CRPF(Central Reserve Police Force) personnel were martyred in this attack. The responsibility
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Should Military training be made compulsory for all in India?

Theme :-
  • Military training is compulsory in some countries including North Korea, Norway & Israel.
Pros of compulsory military training :-
  • Compulsory military training helps to form a reserve force which can be of help during the times of war
universal basic income
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Universal Basic Income – Pros & Cons

Theme :-
  • Indian Government is likely to bring ‘Universal Basic Income scheme’.
Universal basic income (UBI) or basic income is a periodic cash payment that each citizen of a country or region is provided irrespective of his income, resources or…
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G20 – GD Topic

What is G-20?:
  • With the objective to bring together the growing and industrialized economies of the world and to discuss global issues, the G-20 (Group of Twenty) was formed on 26th September 1999. The members consist of 19 individual countries
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Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill – GD Topic

Theme :-
  • ‘Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill‘ was passed by Lok Sabha on 19th Dec 2018. The bill was introduced in 2016.
  • Surrogacy bill banned commercial surrogacy and allowed surrogacy for the married couples that are medically proven infertile.
Positive side :-…