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attention economy
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Attention Economy

What is the Attention Economy?
  • The Attention Economy refers to the idea that attention is a precious resource, and everyone – from businesses to social media platforms – is competing for it.
  • It’s like a big marketplace where our attention
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  • In January 2024, Elon Musk’s Neuralink startup implanted a chip named ‘Telepathy’ inside a human brain for the first time. It is announced that the patient is recovering well.
What is Neuralink project:
  • The Neuralink project was started in
storytelling in marketing
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Storytelling in Marketing

  • Storytelling in marketing is about telling interesting stories to make people like a brand. It goes beyond regular ads, creating connections and trust. By using storytelling, businesses stand out and become more memorable to consumers. It’s a way of
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Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill – GD Topic

Theme :-
  • ‘Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill‘ was passed by Lok Sabha on 19th Dec 2018. The bill was introduced in 2016.
  • Surrogacy bill banned commercial surrogacy and allowed surrogacy for the married couples that are medically proven infertile.
Positive side :-…
sad man
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Are Men silent sufferers in this modern world?

Yes :-
  • There are male victims of domestic violence, who are suffering in silence because they are afraid of society’s response, if they open up about their problems. Society is more likely to belittle men, who fall victim to domestic