Yes :-

  • There are male victims of domestic violence, who are suffering in silence because they are afraid of society’s response, if they open up about their problems. Society is more likely to belittle men, who fall victim to domestic violence. This is more severe in India, were men are appreciated for their masculine behaviour.
  • Women are encouraged to leave abusive relationships and will be labeled as courageous. But if a man ends his abusive relationship, he will be labeled as cruel for leaving his wife.
  • These days, every man is considered as a potential rapist. If a woman makes a false molestation complaint against a man out of revenge or any other motive, society is more likely to believe the woman’s words. Society and media exposes the accused before the investigation. This kind of attitude of society helps victims in genuine cases. But the scope of false cases is ignored. However the same is not true with the complaints against women. If the complaint is against a woman, people doubt about the genuinity of the case. What if the sexual harassment case against the man is a false case? Some people think like men can take anything. False molestation cases will result in the irreversible loss of reputation and causes mental agony to the accused and his family.
  • If a crime is committed by a woman, she is less likely to be punished than a man who committed the same crime. Even if they are punished, men are being awarded longer prison terms than women.
  • Many false domestic violence cases are being reported in India. Girl can drag their in-laws to court, but the same is not true with a boy. In many domestic violence cases, in-laws didn’t even stay with couple, but are booked for ‘influencing’ the boy. Do girl’s parents not ‘influence’ her? And the saddest thing is that girl can complain against her sister-in-law and sister-in-law’s husband too under domestic violence, even if they are not staying at her place. Women can be as cruel as men in harassing their life partner.
  • It’s happy to hear the progressive thinking that “Why should women do all the house chores?”. But no one is asking, “Why should men take entire financial responsibility of family?”. Now, an average women have choice to work or not to work. But an average man is expected to take responsibility of house chores along with financial responsibility for the whole family.
  • Why should man pay half of his hard-earned money to a cheater wife, who decides to leave him?
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No :-

  • Women have been facing discrimination, violence from ages. Now progressive women and men working towards uplifting women’s position in society. In the process society should support women, hence positive discrimination towards women is must.
  • The long held belief that men are superior to women, is still strong in many parts of the world. Hence women should be protected from such kind of men.
  • Though dowry is illegal, many people are giving and taking dowry. There are dowry deaths happening across the country even now. Many women facing domestic violence by their in-laws. So, it’s society’s responsibility to believe women’s words.
  • Men too have support groups and laws in favor of them, if they become victims.

Conclusion :-

Even in this 21st century, many women are suffering due to molestation, discrimination and patriarchal attitudes. Society has responsibility to help these women. But not all men are bad, and not all women good. Few men are suffering in silence because of the indifference of society. And we all have responsibility to protect them, irrespective of their gender.

Afterwords :- Do you think men should be protected too? What is your opinion on this topic? Express your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • goyal, May 1, 2022 @ 9:52 pm Reply

    Of course, men are suffering too, domestic harassment/violence, and even though it’s difficult to break the barriers of the society it is not impossible. on the other hand, there are women who suffer from violence/ assaults and harassment and were not heard of due to so many reasons on the other hand there are few who use their rights wrongly . so according to me there is no single-wing one may bend towards, we need to consider, balance, and maintain equilibrium towards both ends so that they all receive a fair chance of hearing and justice.

  • Tinku paul, Jul 14, 2018 @ 6:52 am Reply

    According to me in a democratic country everybody has right to express their opinion but if a girl suffer by her husband and in-laws , she doesn’t not tolerate , she goes to the police station ,to lodge the complaints and go to the court for divorce and not only their friends , relative all get the information she is torturing by the husband and in-laws. Similarly if a boy harassing by her wife and in-laws he is not able to express it to others because if he expresse he is harassing by his wife , people will not belief and it’s a prestigious matter ,he is not able to discuss, when it is extreme they go for divorce. Nowadays we see husband also he has to house chores because wife she is not able to manage but financial and other responsibilities has to take the husband there is no question as a result they have been suffering. This is their internal problem they don’t want to discuss anyone and silently suffer.

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