• Covid-19 changed the way we live, learn and work. Some changes are temporary, but some changes will stay. Post covid word will not be the same as the world before the pandemic. So, there are many discussions worldwide on how the post covid world will be and should be.

The world after the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • The lack of a strong healthcare system resulted in the loss of many lives in the time of covid. So, all the countries realized the importance of a strong healthcare system and are taking steps to make it happen.
  • Social distancing and hygiene practices will be continued by the majority of people in the post-covid world.
  • The disruption of global supply chains affected many countries. Due to this, several countries started working on achieving self-sufficiency. Nationalism is increasingly dominating globalism.
  • COVID may become seasonal and may be treated as the normal flu until all are vaccinated and it is completely eliminated.
  • The world will be very alert if any new virus is detected. Immediate steps will be taken worldwide to prevent future pandemics. Check at airports for any viruses will become a norm, and vaccine passport for covid may also become compulsory.
  • There will be more work from home jobs. And to achieve a work-life balance, employees will demand strict timings. At present, most of the work from home jobs are demanding 24/7 availability. This is making employees exhausted. So, new rules may come to achieve a work-life balance.
  • The gig economy will grow at a fast pace in the post-covid world.
  • E-learning and blended learning will become the norm.
  • The importance of nutrition is recognized now more than ever. So, people will more likely follow healthy diets.
  • The world countries understood the importance of international co-operation, and will more likely to maintain friendly relations with one another.
  • E-governance will become a basic right.
  • The need for an emergency fund is now known to all. More and more people will start saving and building an emergency fund for uncertain times in future.
  • People will cherish life and their loved ones more. Many will meet their friends and relatives frequently as we saw the time, where we couldn’t meet our loved ones due to pandemic.
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How the post COVID world should be:

  • The covid pandemic affected the vulnerable people much more than the remaining people. Unskilled workers are the main section, which lost jobs. And the children of poor people couldn’t continue studies due to not having digital devices. So, countries should work on reducing inequality and bridging the gap. Steps should be taken to protect vulnerable people.
  • During the lockdown, people understood that the negative effect of humans on the environment can be reversed. So, working on sustainable development can make the post-covid world a much better place to live in. Creating more green jobs is the need of the hour.
  • Information sharing among the countries should be improved.
  • The urban areas became hotspots of covid because of the higher population density in urban areas. Post covid world should have better employment opportunities in rural areas so that we can achieve spatial distribution of development.


Some changes that the Covid pandemic brought are irreversible. Along with those changes, we need to bring more changes such as protecting the vulnerable people to create a more inclusive and equal society.

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