• On 24th February 2022, Russia launched a “special military operation” in its neighbouring country Ukraine. After the announcement from Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, powerful explosions were reported in several cities of Ukraine.

Russia-Ukraine crisis:

  • Ukraine wants to join NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), which is strongly opposed by Russia. Russia is against NATO’s eastward expansion stating that the expansion is a threat to its security. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin demanded a legally binding guarantee that Ukraine will not join NATO and also NATO should not conduct any military activity in Eastern Europe.
  • Since November 2021, Russia has started amassing tens of thousands of soldiers and military equipment near Ukraine’s border. As of February 2022, approximately 1,50,000 Russian soldiers are there near Ukraine’s border.
  • France and Germany took the role of mediators to reduce the tensions. They communicated with both presidents to exercise restraint.
  • On 21st February 2022, Russia recognized Donetsk, Luhansk as separate countries. They are internationally recognized as part of Ukraine. After recognising them as separate countries, Russia announced that its troops will enter the separatist republics as peacekeeping forces, which further increased the tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Earlier, in March 2014, Russia invaded Crimea (a part of Ukraine) and declared it as a part of Russia by stating that it took the move to protect the ethnic Russians in the region. This has started the Russia-Ukraine conflict. At that time, an armed conflict took place in the Donbas region of Ukraine too, which is a part of the broader Russo-Ukrainian War. Minsk agreement 1 (September 2014), an international agreement aimed at implementing a ceasefire was drafted, but it couldn’t solve the crisis. So, the Minsk agreement 2 (February 2015), was drafted and both countries agreed to implement a ceasefire.
  • Several countries including the US, UK and the European Union opposed the recognition of Donetsk, Luhansk as republics and imposed limited sanctions on Russia.
  • On 24th February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine by land, air and sea. Explosions were reported in several cities of Ukraine on the same day.
  • Many countries including France and Germany are condemning Russia for declaring war. European Union is preparing to launch new sanctions on Russia for attacking Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian president Zelensky said that they will defend themselves against the attack. Even though Ukraine’s armed forces are heavily outnumbered by Russia’s armed forces, they are fighting really hard. Even civilians of Ukraine joined the fight to defend their country.
  • On 8th March 2022, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine said that since NATO does not want confrontation with Russia, it is not prepared to accept Ukraine into NATO and hence he is no longer asking for NATO membership for his country. 
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Russia has declared a ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine, which was followed by explosions in several cities. Several countries are condemning the move and are preparing to launch harsh sanctions on Russia. The world leaders must unite to restore peace.

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