• India is helping Sri Lanka as the country is going through an economic crisis. India’s help during the crisis has improved the relations between both countries.

India – Sri Lanka relations:

  • India and Sri Lanka maintained good relations till the 1980s.
  • In the 1980s, India’s involvement in Sri Lanka’s civil war to help Tamils in Sri Lanka caused conflicts between both countries.
  • The growing influence of China on Sri Lanka also caused conflicts between India and Sri Lanka.
  • Indian and Sri Lankan fishing communities used to fish in the waters in the Palk Bay Straits (a narrow passage of water between India and Sri Lanka) for many years. But after the maritime boundary agreement was signed in 1976 to define the international maritime boundary, many Indian fishermen are often arrested by Sri Lankan Navy for allegedly entering Sri Lankan waters. This is one of the main conflicts between both countries.
  • In 2021, Sri Lanka declared a state of economic emergency. It facing an economic crisis due to several factors such as the negative impact of the pandemic on tourism, which is one of the major revenue sources for the country, a complete switch to organic farming affected the agricultural exports, which is another major source of revenue. India is helping Sri Lanka in this situation. Till now, India gave $4 billion in loans, swaps and aid, and is willing to help more.
  • India’s help to Sri Lanka improved the relations between India and Sri Lanka.
  • Till the 1980s, better connectivity existed between both countries. Now, improving the transport facilities, and implementing the ‘India -Sri Lanka electricity grid interconnection’ project, which is in the discussions can improve the relations even further. Better trade and cultural relations too are important to bring both countries even closer.
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India is supporting Sri Lanka in its economic recovery. This has improved the India-Sri Lanka relations. Better transport facilities between the countries, and improved trade and cultural relations will further improve the relations between both countries.

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