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INS Vikrant
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INS Vikrant

  • India commissioned its first indigenously designed and built aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant, on 2nd September 2022. It has strengthened India’s naval power and is seen as a huge win for Aatmanirbhar Bharat.
  • INS Vikrant is the first aircraft
neo banks vs traditional banks
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Neo-banks vs Traditional banks

What is a Neo bank:
  • Neo banks operate exclusively online without traditional physical branch networks.
  • They provide digital and mobile-first financial solutions such as payments, money transfers, money loans, and more.
  • Jupiter, Fi Money, and Niyo are some of the
Impact of 5G on Global economy
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5G in India

  • The government of India announced that 5G services will be launched in India by October 12, 2022, and further stated that the goal is to make services accessible to all areas of the nation within the next few years
creator economy
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Creator economy

  • As of 2022, the global creator economy is estimated to be worth more than $100 billion. Approximately, there are more than 5 crore content creators worldwide.
What is Creator economy:
  • The ‘creator economy’ or ‘influencer economy’ refers to the
India's income inequality
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India’s income inequality

  • As per the ‘World Inequality Report 2022’, India ranks among the most unequal nations in the world in wealth and income inequality.
The present situation in India:
  • In India, according to the World Inequality Report 2022, while the top