• During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are experiencing stress, anxiety and other psychological issues.

Impact of covid-19 on mental health:

  • As many people are dying due to COVID-19, there is an intense fear in almost everyone about the health of themselves and their family members. This is causing anxiety disorders, stress and depression in several people.
  • Many people lost one or more family members due to the pandemic. Some of them couldn’t even see & touch their deceased family member. So, many are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Due to the pandemic, several people had to grieve alone. This is causing even more trauma.
  • Frontline workers and their families are at an increased risk of getting affected by the virus. This coupled with too much work caused burnouts and depressive disorders for many healthcare professionals around the world.
  • Lockdowns and the voluntary social distancing rules made many people feel isolated. This too caused anxiety issues.
  • Loss of jobs and other income sources caused panic attacks for many and created intense stress. Poor people are the worst sufferers.
  • Some of the domestic violence victims had to stay with abusers as there is no chance of going out for work like before. This worsened their mental health.
  • Students have no option of offline classes. Online classes caused isolation and anxiety issues for many students.
  • As schools are closed, young couples had to take care of kids while working from home. This caused burnout and intense stress for many. In many families, the burden fell totally on women.
  • People with underlying health problems and their family members are facing anxiety problems and sleeping problems due to a higher risk of getting affected by covid-19.
  • Fear of getting affected by the virus is stopping many from contacting psychologists. This is worsening the issue. Still, many people do not have access to telemedicine facilities.


COVID-19 affected the mental health of many. There is a need to increase the availability of mental health professionals. All schools and colleges should recruit psychologists for the benefit of their students. Widespread awareness of mental health issues and the importance of taking help from professionals is needed.

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  • Rimo Rithwik, Jul 21, 2021 @ 10:34 am Reply

    Well, I do feel that mental health has also been a victim of covid 19 . In my opinion, there are people who are getting scared by the rumours in the society about covid 19 and this can also affect their mental health up to some extent. And the constant fear which Covid 19 has induced in ourselves and our family members is unmatchable. The levels of anxiety, depression and fear made us even tenser. The effect has also been on children and youth who are taking their works, classes online and affecting their health without any physical intervention with sports. Old people who are in the latter stages of their life are not able to live happily despite having fear about themselves and their offspring. People who have pre covid complications are getting even worse.I personally saw some people abanding their pets for the reason that they can be a parasite crunches me deeper. I hope that situation comes under control in future without taking more lives and we should create awareness in people in spreading the virus and enhancing the social support in people of all aspects and shall win this war.

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