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  • Recently, Indian government took Army’s help in constructing a bridge in Mumbai.

It is okay to involve Army in civil tasks :-

  • Army’s efficient and uninterrupted functioning is essential to the nation or the society. The army with its large pool of highly disciplined and trained manpower is often summoned to run these essential services in times of labour trouble. In times of labour strikes, The army is often asked to run the affected services in order to prevent striking workers from holding the society.
  • Many experts feel that through civic action, the army acts as an agent of social integration. Since Independence, it has been making an enormous contribution towards the economic development of remote and under-developed areas.
  • Indian Army plays a pivotal role in Nation building.
  • Security is one of the most important pillars of nation building and in democracy security plays a very important role and whenever there is a security concern armed forces takes over the governance.
  • Each and every Army personnel is trained and molded with utmost patriotism. Therefore, if tasks are assigned to them they will perform it with full dedication and patriotism.

It is not okay to involve Army in civil tasks :-

  • Not involving Army in civil tasks helps the Indian military to achieve a high degree of professionalism and concentrate its efforts on the defence of the country. The military, however, plays its role of rendering advice on matters concerning national security.
  • Many policymakers, political scientists, sociologists and military leaders of the developing nations fear that undertaking non-military functions on a regular basis will have adverse effects on their functional character and degrade their professionalism.
  • Indian Army is already busy dealing with various border conflicts happening now and then, therefore, assigning more tasks to them would only make the conditions more difficult to deal with.
  • Army already provides its services at the time of disaster management like a tsunami, floods, and earthquakes, and due to frequent floods and cyclonic storms in the Indian peninsula, disaster relief has become a major commitment of the Indian army which keeps them busy throughout the year. Therefore assigning more tasks would create more troubles.
  • Along with providing security to our country and its people army also assists in various UN peacekeeping operations through which troops are sent to various other countries.
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Conclusion :-

  • Indian army considers civic action to be an important part of its duty to the nation.
  • Undoubtedly, internal security is as important as external security. However, it must never be forgotten that external security can be ensured only by the armed forces whereas other organizations can be trained and equipped to undertake internal security assignments.
  • The work of army is to ensure national defense against external threats. Nothing should be done to dilute the focus from this.
  • The army must be kept free of all avoidable non-military commitments to allow it to remain prepared for its primary task and most important task.
Photo Credit: The U.S. Army Gearing up for Kosovo via photopin (license)

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  • ELANKUMARAN, Jun 5, 2020 @ 12:34 pm Reply

    Instead of summoning civil tasks to the armed forces,these tasks can be assigned to a whole lot of people who are unemployed.this will contribute for both eradication of unemployment and national security.

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