The impact of coaching centers on Indian education can be discussed under the following heads :-

  1. Parental Pressure: With the advent of an increased number of coaching institutes which offer life-changing opportunities (supposedly), parents feel obliged to send their children to these coaching centers even without gauging their child’s potential and inclination. Children, on the other hand, are pushed into something that they never intended to be a part of. This works for some students, but most of the others do not succeed.
  2. No fun in learning: Coaching institutes have only one purpose while teaching their students: to get them to IITs, NITs or AIIMS, GMC, etc. Under the pressure of competition, Indian students find fun and education to be 2 mutually exclusive parts of life.
  3. Erosion of moral values: Coaching institutes and in extension, the Indian education system is particularly plagued by this phenomena. Dog-eat-dog mentality is encouraged amongst students. Being isolated from the world is glorified by these coaching institutes. Achieving success by hook or crook is their mantra. Such beliefs and ideologies being inculcated in students at such a young age seriously compromise their prospects of being an effective member of the society in the future. These practices develop jealousy, selfishness, cunningness, etc. as the core beliefs in the children’s mind. A popular term in psychology, a “scarcity mindset” is developed in the students rather an “abundance mindset”.
  4. Ineffectiveness of the institutes: Often these coaching institutes have a strength of, on an average, 40-50 students in one batch. No child gets any personal attention (except the ones at the top). The pace of the classes is usually too fast or too slow for the majority of students. Individual doubts are also less likely to be seriously entertained at such high batch strengths.
  5. Commercialization of education: Famous coaching institutes, using the success stories of their former students, often try to get more students to enroll in their classes. This leads to a huge number of students in a single batch. Often they promise high and under-deliver.
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