• We live in a time where fake news, trolls and cyberbullying by anonymous users has become a common phenomenon. This resulted in discussions on whether anonymity should continue to be allowed on the internet.

Yes – Anonymity should be allowed on the internet:

  • Not everyone can freely express their opinions. If they do so, they may face threats or bullying. Anonymity allows them to express their views without compromising their safety & sanity. This upholds freedom of expression and can help in the betterment of the world.
  • In the modern world, government surveillance is an increasing threat. To avoid becoming a victim of that, anonymity helps. So, anonymity helps people to have a right to privacy.
  • The concept of anonymity is not new to our society. Since many years, several writers have opted to be anonymous to avoid judgements from their community and society.
  • Being anonymous on the internet helps in protecting ourselves from cyberbullying & cybercriminals. So, removing the option of anonymity exposes everyone to these negative side of the internet.
  • For introverts, anonymity is helpful to express their opinions freely in the online platforms.
  • Some people who have fame want to live their life without being followed everywhere. In real life, they can’t go to some places to protect themselves from paparazzi. But on the internet, they can choose to be anonymous. So, anonymity is very important for celebrities.
  • Anonymity helps in avoiding the judgments of others. For example, now anyone can ask their doubts and solve others’ doubts using Quora, Reddit etc. People can ask questions, that they can’t ask anyone in real life which is very helpful for many.

No – Anonymity should not be allowed on the internet:

  • Using the option of anonymity, several people are harassing others in online platforms. People behave differently in online space and in real life. This is called as ‘online dishibition effect’. Aggressive comments and threats to those whose opinions differ have become very common.
  • Even political parties are misusing the option of anonymity to defame the people of other parties. Politically motivated hatred comments are now a common thing.
  • Cyberbullying is a growing threat, and the main reason for this is the option of anonymity.
  • Anonymity is being used to write negative reviews for the competitor companies too.


Anonymity on the internet has a lot of advantages and disadvantages too. But anonymity is important at least until everyone in the world is capable of freely expressing their opinions. To reduce the negative consequences of allowing anonymity on the internet, awareness programs on responsibility and morals will be helpful to some extent. Children should be taught about internet ethics through schools. Moreover, punishing those who misuse anonymity to harass others will act as a deterrent against such behaviour.

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