• CTBT (Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty) is a global initiative which bans the use of any sort of nuclear weapon testing. It strongly promotes the concept of disarmament and safeguards the complete peace and harmony of the planet. With a large country like India backing such a great and noble gesture would make CTBT more convincing in the eyes of non-signatory countries.
  • NPT(Non-Proliferating Treaty) is another new idea which has been residing for a very long period and works in parallel with the CTBT. The difference being the complete demolition of nuclear power and technology in the entire world. With this approach, India has an opportunity to contribute towards a war-free world, encouraging the feeling of brotherhood among the generation.
  • Such treaties constructively extinguish the ignition of hatred and violence which has been growing exponentially with strong countries like North Korea coming up with highly equipped missiles which could end the world someday. India along with the other nations must proudly be a part of such a treaty to ensure prosperous future for the upcoming generations.
  • With India having signed the NPT treaty, straight away qualifies the country to be a part of NSG – the Nuclear Supplier Group having NPT as its pre-requisite. NSG membership would strengthen the present amenities and control future war-related threats to our developing country.


  • India has been hesitant to welcome these peace treaties because of the highly disciplinary nature of them. With lengthy annexes and rules, India would get bound to such norms whereas most of the countries would be enjoying their freedom. Also, the sole dream of India becoming one of the developed countries would slow down eventually.
  • India’s neighbouring countries such as China, Pakistan would still possess nuclear weapons if India decides to sign the treaty leaving itself in a very uncomfortable position. With other countries having a greater advantage would appear as a suicide for India.
  • India has always proved how responsible it is when it comes to adapting peace and harmony in this world even by possessing nuclear weapons which is not the case with the other non-signatory countries like Israel, Pakistan and North Korea. Over the years, it has successfully maintained its credibility and can hold it even without such peace treaties.
  • NPT has been quoted biased towards the P-5 countries – US, Britain, Russia, China and France which can hold nuclear ammunition and be a part of NPT hand in hand.  This given such countries an unfair advantage which is not acceptable to India.
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Though India has been playing diplomatic with its participation in becoming a part of CTBT, it has been responsible for spreading the peaceful vibes across the world. With the massive competition amongst the various nations, cultures and religion, the world has entered into a dangerous era of violence. The man has now made a world where standing together isn’t possible.

Interestingly, India has adopted an NFU – Non First Use policy which freezes the use of any Nuclear weapon by India unless attacked by any foreign country first. This shouts out a loud and clear message to the world on how adamant India is about promoting complete harmony and peace around it.


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  • Shashikant singh, Jun 2, 2018 @ 5:39 pm Reply

    India should not sign ctbt nd npt. And India should help in creating cordial reationship among countries, so everyone lives peacfully in this world.

  • Akash Malik, May 27, 2018 @ 9:18 am Reply

    India should not commit the mistake of signing CTBT& NPT. india past manifest, it is a peace loving country. Signing that can put india in difficult situations. China try to hegemony over the india. Our nuclear power are deterrent for such nation furthermore signing that can also hamper our development.

    • Team GD Ideas, May 28, 2018 @ 7:26 pm Reply

      Very true!

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