Future of the internet:

  • If we observe the present status of the internet and the technologies that have the potential to influence the internet, we can predict how the internet will evolve in the near future.
    • Fifth-generation wireless technology – 5G can provide up to 100 times faster internet than the current 4G technology. So, in the future, the internet will be faster.
    • With the help of augmented reality, the way of communication over the internet will improve drastically. Using virtual and augmented realities, 3D virtual worlds (metaverses) are being developed. This technological innovation can completely change the internet and can take it to the next level.
    • At present, many companies are extracting data from us through our online presence and are using it to give us a more personalized experience. For example, if we visit youtube, most of the videos on the homepage are suggested based on our watch history and subscriptions. In the near future, the internet will provide us with a more personalized experience but at the same time, extracts more data from us such as our interests, views etc. But many of us may choose convenience over privacy.
    • Data extraction can be very helpful in some cases. For example, smartwatches gather valuable health data, which we can choose to send to the doctor.
    • As the internet makes our lives easier, it will be more integrated into our daily lives.
    • The importance of the internet in the education sector will increase. With new innovations in the e-education sector, more and more people will be educated with the help of the internet.
    • But not everyone can get the benefits of the internet even in the near future. Even though the number of internet users is increasing rapidly, some people are still digital illiterates. As the internet offers more and more opportunities for income, the digital divide can increase income inequality between digital literates and digital illiterates.
    • The internet can be used as a tool to topple governments. Cyberwars may occur.
    • The internet will give power to more people and hence will help in strengthening the democracies.
    • The way we surf the internet may change. The use of voice assistants will increase.
    • Internet will bring many new business opportunities.
  • Our vision can set the path for the future internet. Experts worldwide are sharing their views on how the next version of the internet should be.
    • As the extraction of data and its misuse is increasing rapidly, everyone is of the opinion that there should be more privacy for our data on the internet. Taking several steps such as making the companies that data handle our data accountable for the misuse, providing protection from the data breaches, the future internet can ensure privacy.
    • The internet should be a safer place. Protection from online abuse and hatred should be there.
    • It should be more secure without the vulnerability of hacking.
    • Internet should be accessible to all. So that everyone can utilize the opportunities provided by the internet.
    • Providing digital literacy should be one of the priorities of the government. With this, we can bridge the digital divide.
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The future internet will be faster and more integrated into our lives. It will make our lives easier and will help businesses too. It can change the way we communicate online. There is a need to take effective steps to make the future internet a safer place, secure. And most importantly it should ensure data privacy. Moreover, it should be open and accessible to all and thereby everyone can have access to opportunities it provides.

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